Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The City of Mandurah is calling upon everyone in the community to play their part in getting ready before the upcoming bushfire season.

Landowners and residents are urged to make sure their properties are well prepared and fire-safe.

Under the Bush Fires Act 1954, properties must be prepared by November 17 to avoid incurring a $250 fine for non-compliance, plus contractor clearing fees. Properties must remain free of fire hazards until May 31.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Newman said bushfire prevention was a shared responsibility and everyone needed to play their role to ensure the community is as prepared as possible.

“Everyone has an important role in bushfire prevention and, as the weather starts to warm up, it is a timely reminder to take steps now to keep our community safe,” he said.

“Being prepared is so important - not only by reducing the risks to life and property, but also by protecting our valued ecology which can be devastated by high intensity bushfires.”

The City’s fire risk mitigation activities are guided by its Bushfire Risk Management Plan. The plan provides a 10-year framework for the City to work to reduce fuel loads and be in a better positon to protect life, property and the environment from wild fires.

Prescribed burning is one of the many ways that the City manages the risk of bush fires. Other preventative actions include fire management plans, vegetation management strategies, fire breaks, community education and enforcement.

For more information regarding the City’s Bush Fire Management, contact the City’s Emergency Management team on 9550 3777 or email