Friday, 3 November 2017

The City of Mandurah is continuing its efforts in making the community safer thanks to a grant from the State Government for the Community Safety Mandurah project.

The City recently received $350,000, an election commitment from Mandurah MLA David Templeman, to install new Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, upgrade existing cameras and the optic fibre network, and conduct a business engagement project.

The funding is auspiced on behalf of the McGowan Labor Government through the State CCTV Strategy Infrastructure Fund. With the City working in partnership with WA Police, the project rollout is already well underway, and is expected to be completed in August 2018.

Mayor Rhys Williams said the Community Safety Mandurah project will allow the City to install additional CCTV cameras and other infrastructure in known crime hotspots.

“This will make the City's system more reliable, with comprehensive coverage of the key entertainment and tourist areas,” he said.

“Community safety and crime reduction is a big priority for the City, so the roll out of extra and improved CCTV capabilities is a big step forward in making Mandurah a safer place.

“It's so important that people feel safe while enjoying our city centre and entertainment areas, and the City's investment in CCTV over the past six years is just part of the solution in reducing violence and crime in the city.”

So far, new CCTV cameras have been installed and existing cameras upgraded with new technology cameras in the Smart Street Mall. The new cameras will capture the 'blind spots' within this location as recognised by the WA Police.

Mr Templeman said he was very pleased to see this project up and running, and believes this was a vital project for improving safety in Mandurah. CCTV cameras have been installed in Smart Street Mall, which will help in reducing anti-social behaviour.

“The funding for the CCTV cameras in this location is so important,” Mr Templeman said.

“Everyone in Mandurah wants to be reassured that this area is under surveillance and that these cameras will be a deterrent to unacceptable behaviour into the future. The many families who use the foreshore area deserve to feel safe. It's important for our tourism, local businesses and families.”

Mandurah Police Officer In Charge Steve Thompson said Mandurah Police were particularly focused on policing Mandurah's city centre and foreshore areas, and have worked hard with the City to seek the right CCTV equipment for the right places.

“CCTV is a crucial tool in the deterrent and investigation of crime and anti-social behaviour, and importantly in securing convictions in the courts,” Senior Sergeant Thompson said.

“Mandurah Police look forward to the increased capabilities this new project offers.”

Next year, new CCTV cameras will be installed in the areas of Keith Holmes Reserve, Mandurah Terrace, Pinjarra Road, Sholl Street, part of the Eastern Foreshore, Barracks Lane and Smart Street Mall, in accordance with the Mandurah City Centre CCTV Feasibility and Master Plan 2013.

As has occurred previously, the footage from these new cameras will be able to be viewed by the City, and will be linked to the Mandurah Police Station through the City's CCTV system, helping with investigations.

There are plans to upgrade to the existing optic fibre network to build capacity into the current system and allow for expansion. This upgrade also has significant benefits for other community safety initiatives including smart lighting, future cameras, smart poles, intercoms, and other interactive customer initiatives.

CCTV signage will also be installed as part of the project, which will help to deter anti-social behaviour.