Monday, 30 April 2018

Youth advocate and social work champion Be Westbrook is Mandurah's newest Local Legend.

Be was awarded for her dedication to improving lives of young men and women in Mandurah.

For a number of years Be was the Executive Officer at Peel Youth Services, an innovative early intervention organisation, working with the community from a grass roots level.

Thanks to her vision and dedication to young people in the community, she helped create a number of programs to support local youth, including the highly successful Eyes Wide Open program.

Eyes Wide Open assists young pregnant women and young parents in Mandurah and the Peel Region to achieve their potential, build a brighter future, learn life skills and continue their education.

Be's unwavering commitment and leadership has seen the program grow to have its own premises, with many of her earlier participants now teaching the very programs that she began. Eyes Wide Open receives a number of referrals from health professionals in the Peel and Metro Perth areas, and her legacy continues.

She has also been the driving force behind a number of popular programs including Choyces, Groundshock and UTurn programs. In her role at Peel Youth Services, she was part of a team working towards a model of youth service that incorporates education, environment, life skills, inclusion and purpose. She is also the Owner/Director of FIFO Life Coaching, assisting others to create goals and purpose in life.

Mayor Rhys Williams has congratulated Be on her enthusiasm not just to support the young people in the Peel, but to help empower them to manage their own lives.

“Be has been quoted as saying 'I don't want to give them fish, I want to teach them how to fish' – and that's an admirable philosophy to live by,” he said.

“By listening to the needs of young people, Be has made a huge impact on the lives of many. She has made a real difference in our community.

“Her selfless work in supporting, nurturing and mentoring young people, is to be commended. Without people like her in the community providing support, the challenges our young people face would be harder.

“We're extremely proud to have dedicated people like Be in our community and it is important that we celebrate their achievements in making Mandurah a better place.”

The Local Legends award was established to recognise and celebrate outstanding people who have made a positive, active contribution to the Mandurah community.

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