Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Beyond the Seam: Conceptual Work in Fibre Art brings together 12 outstanding contemporary fibre artists in an impressive textile art exhibition opening this week at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah (CASM).

The local, national and international fibre artists have come together in an exhibition that explores how fibre art, its materiality, and the various processes of making can engage the understanding of the tactile and transformative potential of working with cloth, natural materials, fibres and thread.

Individually and together, the artists showcase the possibilities of fibre art traditions within a contemporary setting. They provide a timely platform (and tactile surfaces) to document and communicate their reflections and explorations of socio-cultural topics, concerns and ideas.

The art pieces come in all shapes and sizes, created using various techniques such as knitting, weaving, felting and stitching to visualise their stories.

The high-calibre collection has been curated by renowned felt artisan Martien van Zuilen who reflected on the art medium and sentiment shared by the artists.

“The exhibition offers more than the sum of its individual parts; it provides insights about the unique potential of the fibre art medium and the steadfastness, firm persuasion, and conceptual outlook of the artists,” she explained.

“Textile material culture is at the heart of our socio-culture life and seamlessly woven into daily routines. Most days we get dressed, use a tea towel to dry some dishes and put our head on a pillow at night. We talk of the social fabric of a community or a close-knit circle of friends. Some of us tie the knot, others may feel a little frayed at the edges. A yarn is a thread, and it is also a story.

“Acknowledging time-honoured traditions, the artists speak through doing. Their narratives draw us in and make us take a closer look, engendering depth and meaning for all of us.”

Beyond the Seam features artworks from Kate Campbell-Pope, Helen Coleman, Ruth Halbert, Philomena Hali, Anita Larkin, Aimee Lee, Amanda McCavour, Vicki Mason, Jan Mullen, Caitlin Stewart, Robi Szalay and Martien van Zuilen.

The public is invited to the launch event on Sunday, May 27 at 2.00pm, followed by an artist talk at 2.30pm by Martien van Zuilen, exhibition curator, fibre artist, Convener of Fibres West, and the current editor of Felt (Australia's national felting magazine).

The exhibition opens on Saturday, May 26 and runs until June 24 during CASM gallery hours, Wednesday to Sunday from 10am until 4pm. Find out more at www.artspacesmandurah.com.au.