Friday, 22 June 2018
The recent Waterwise Verge workshop held at the Lakelands Community House was a big success.

It sold out (of course this course is free) quickly. The good news is there is another workshop scheduled for July 21, this time at Mandurah Community Gardens.

City of Mandurah Deputy Mayor, Caroline Knight, said a key reason Mandurah is such a good place to live is its wonderful environment.

“We as a community must all play our part in preserving our environment and a good way to do that is reducing our water use, and at the same time making our streets more beautiful,” the Deputy Mayor said.

“A waterwise verge can save up to 40,000 litres a year – a win for you and a win for our environment.

“This is only one facet of the City of Mandurah’s approach to water conservation - an approach that has helped us achieve the status of a Gold Level Waterwise Council,” the Deputy Mayor said.

Another great reason to invest some time into your verge and your street is that it will increase the value of your property.

There is no question an attractive verge can increase the value of your property. In fact research by the University of Western Australia showed that houses in streets with more trees are worth more than similar houses in streets with no trees.

The increase in value can be between five and 20 percent.

The good news is that these verge workshops are free. All those who attend will receive:

• Handy tips on soils and plants,
• Design advice
• $100 plant voucher to spend at Carramar Coastal Nursery in Secret Harbour
• A packet of everlasting seeds
• Garden trowel and gloves
• Voucher for soil amendment
• Mulch for your verge delivered by the council

For more information about the workshop and to book go to