Monday, 16 July 2018

Why live in Mandurah? There are lots of reasons – the great people, the beaches, the community spirit – all these are true – but the number one reason people love Mandurah is the environment.

A key part of the environment is the wildlife we share our environment with.

Mandurah has some iconic, and some endangered species that we all need to help protect.

These species include of course our famous bottle nosed dolphins, the crabs and the pelicans. But we have many species that are not so well know but are also important. The threatened

Phascogale, the Quenda and the Chuditch are good examples.

The City of Mandurah has a team dedicated to protecting and enhancing our natural environment but we are very keen to work with the community, to understand the priorities of the community when it comes to allocating resources to do this important work.

“The more we work together as a community, the stronger and more connected our community becomes,” said Mandurah Mayor, Rhys Williams.

“This really is a case of giving the community a voice and an opportunity to contribute to making our living, working and playing environment a richer and better place,” he said.

We want to know what species you really value and your ideas on protecting our environment. If you are interested in helping us with this mission you can come to a special workshop on July 26 at the City Civic Centre. We expect a big turn out so you will have to book. You can do this by either phoning 9550 3941or online at

You might also want to check out our Facebook page where you can vote for your most iconic Mandurah animal. But remember this is not a popularity contest it is all about the community working together with our team to best protect our unique wildlife.