Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The City of Mandurah is looking for your help to establish a clear, citizen-led vision for Mandurah’s Future.

At the most recent Council Meeting, Mayor Rhys Williams introduced a motion that was passed by council that requested the City to:

• Establish a framework for facilitating a City-wide community engagement campaign aimed at establishing a clear, citizen-led vision for Mandurah’s future.
• As part of this campaign, convene the Future of Mandurah Summit for the purpose for engaging closely with local stakeholders and community members to consider priorities for the future, and to define the desired ’story’ for Mandurah in the decades ahead.
• Engage closely with Elected Members on the design and implementation of the campaign.
• Use the findings of this process as a foundation for reviewing the City of Mandurah Strategic Community plan, and associated strategic priorities.

‘In simple terms I hope that this motion will allow our community to come forward and shape the story of their city for the next 20 years. There are 87000 people in this city, all who have chosen to call this place home. Our best chance at developing a compelling vision for the future is in working in close collaboration with those residents. As part of this motion I’m asking our elected members from right across the community, as well as major stakeholders - and most importantly of all - our community, to be actively involved in the development of our future’s vision.

“We are ready as a local government to fully embrace a citizen-led philosophy. As the elected representative body closest to the community council is best placed to engage with our citizens directly about your aspirations for the future and work as facilitators on your behalf to see this vision become a reality.

“In doing this we are following through on the commitments we made to you under the City of Mandurah 20 Year Strategic Community Plan 2017-2037.

“The key to this plan was ensuring that the future was guided by you – the community,” the Mayor said.

“Since becoming Mayor I have tried to take every opportunity on a personal level listen to you. I have also encouraged my fellow councillors and the staff of the City to do the same,
“It is important to note, however, that just because we are entering into a conversation with you about our brand, our story, our future – we are not forgetting to get on with the job of making Mandurah a better place to live now.

“Every day we are working to create a better physical environment though projects such as improvements to the foreshore. Every day we are working to make Mandurah a safer place through increasing ranger patrols and new CCTV cameras. Every day we are working to keep rates down and improve services.

“I encourage you to make sure you follow the progress of this initiative through our great local press, the City of Mandurah website ( and the City’s social media channels,” The Mayor said.