Friday, 27 July 2018

This year’s winner if the City of Mandurah Aspire Convention Scholarship is Esther Irvine.

Esther is studying Cert IV in Community Services at The Esther Foundation; a not-for-profit organisation that helps young women in need. The Esther Foundation facilitates an award winning residential young women’s health, development and leadership program. Esther will use the funding to attend the Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference.

The City of Mandurah supports this scholarship for two reasons. Firstly we think it is important to build the capacity of our people, and this scholarship makes it possible for a local, representing a not for profit organisation to attend important events that will build their knowledge, connections and experience in their chosen field.

The second reason is smart economics. The City of Mandurah is serious about attracting events and conferences to the City. The deal is that when our scholarship winner attends a particular event, on their return they will help us bid to host that event in the future.

In the case of Esther, the event she will attend is the Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference. This annual conference covers a broad range of topics including; prevention, treatment, systematic responses, mental health and harm reduction in relation to all types of addiction.

Attending this conference will enable Esther to gain knowledge, build networks and explore the opportunity to bring a future conference to our City.

“This is a fantastic initiative, and Ether is a fantastic winner,” said Mandurah Mayor, Rhys Williams.

“Beyond our outstanding winner, this is just smart business, it’s a win win.

“A local gets the opportunity to build her skills and in return give back to the community, and the City increases its chances of attracting a new event, which in turn will work to promote local business,” the Mayor said.