Press Release For: Media
Thursday, 2 August 2018

The City of Mandurah has won the award for being the ‘Most Accessible Regional City in WA’.

The award was presented at this year’s Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) conference.

The award was accepted by Mayor Rhys Williams, Tim Hartland (Manager Community Development) and Sonya Snowsill (Senior Community Development Officer).

The judging panel made its decision on the following criteria:

•improve the accessibility of Council infrastructure and public open space
•inclusive communication technology and information initiatives
•accessible and inclusive Council services, programs and events, and
•exercises leadership and influences community attitudes and perceptions.

“I’m really happy about this award,” said Mandurah CEO Mark Newman.

“It’s a strong demonstration of how the City’s Strategic Inclusion Plan has been made concrete,” he said.

“This award is as much about how the City has positively introduced a can-do culture in its work in disabilities and its cultural shift to how we now do things in all areas collectively – as well as the things we build and the groups we support.” The CEO said.

“A special thanks must go to Tim Hartland and his team – Pipa, Sonya and Marzel,” Mr Newman said.