Friday, 24 August 2018

This April and May we invited the community to be involved in shaping the vision for the City Centre Waterfront. This area includes the Eastern and Western Foreshore Reserves, including to the north and south of the bridge, under the bridge and Hall Park.

We wanted to know what you love about these spaces and ideas to improve them. We also wanted some direction as to your priorities – because not everything can be done at once.

We used a range of techniques to collect your feedback. These included advertisements in the local paper asking people to comment, meetings with key stakeholder groups, radio ads, Facebook posts, information sessions on-site on the Eastern and Western Foreshores, the libraries, community centres and the MARC.

We received over 500 written or verbal responses from 969 contributors.

“This is a great example of the City going to its citizens for inspiration and advice,” said Mandurah Mayor, Rhys Williams.

“This is our front door so it was important to know what you liked and what you thought needed improving,” the Mayor said.

Many of you really liked many aspects of the current foreshore areas but you did tell us that the Western Foreshore is tired, underutilised and requires upgrades. You also identified the Visitors Centre boardwalk area as needing attention because it is where many tourists first arrive at Mandurah.

Another issue you identified was the Smart Street Mall area - we should find ways to make it more inviting and better connected to the foreshore.

There was also support for providing more facilities and activities for our young people.

Some of your more creative ideas included creating a fish breeding area on the waterfront, an underwater sculpture dive area, a wave pool, and a water cinema.

The next steps are working with the community reference group and stakeholders to set priority areas for upgrades and develop concepts for these areas.

Details on your ideas can be found at