Press Release For: Media
Thursday, 30 August 2018

The City of Mandurah is getting behind a proposal to develop a Peel Hospitality Institute.

At most recent Council meeting, the Council voted unanimously to invest $40,000 for the development of a business case to attract both State and Federal Government funding to support the proposal.

“In my mind I see a state of the art hospitality training centre located in the centre of the Mandurah CBD,” said Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams.

“I see this as a place where young people will learn to become commercial chefs, and skilled at all aspects of the hospitality industry.

“I see this as a place that not only serves our own young people, but also attracts students from the metropolitan area.

“There are currently 7200 jobs in hospitality and tourism in the Peel Region, which represents 21% of the total workforce and this is projected to grown to 9400 jobs by 2050.

“There has been a huge increase – 153% - in the number of trainees and apprenticeships for people living in the Peel area and 68% of these people train outside the region – I want to provide them with the opportunity to train and then ultimately work in Mandurah.

“Given that our youth unemployment currently sits at around 18.8% this proposal represents an important opportunity for our young people into the future.

“This project is very much in line with one of our key priorities of supporting local business and local jobs, particularly for our young people.

“We look forward to working in partnership with the Peel Development Commission to making this become a reality,” said Mayor Williams.

It is envisioned the Institute would provide training to entry level in the hospitality industry to help with the difficult youth unemployment situation in Mandurah and the surrounding area.

The business case would explore options in regard to:
• The delivery model
• Location of the facility
• New build versus extension of a current facility
• Qualification types
• Potential for a food hub or culinary school