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Monday, 17 September 2018

Every community needs its community heroes. Those people who give and keep giving. It is very rare that these people ever look for the limelight, but they are the people who really deserve it.

This is why it is important that if you know a community hero that you spend a few minutes to nominate them for the Australia Day Community Citizen of the Year Awards.

But these awards are more than just honouring a person who has done great things for the community, being given an Community Citizen of the Year Award also has the potential to boost awareness of a cause and can help the community hero reach their goals.

Last year Ayesha Patterson was our local Youth Citizen of the Year. Ayesha was blinded by a spider bite and since then has been working hard to raise money for Guide Dogs WA. She began the highly successful local fundraiser – Dining in the Dark.

“ For me the best thing about this award was that it raised awareness of the cause I am passionate about,” said Ayesha.

In concrete terms the award meant that more people knew about Dining in the Dark and ticket sales went up,” she said.

“In fact we have a dinner on October 13 so check out my Dining in the Dark Mandurah Facebook page,” she said.

Another side product of winning the award is that Ayesha now sits on the City’s Access Advisory Group.

“This is a win for the City and a win for Ayesha,” said Mandurah Mayor, Rhys Williams.

“If you know anyone you think deserves to be nominated for Australia Day honors, then take the time to check out the website at

There are four categories:
• Citizen of the Year
• Youth Citizen of the Year
• Senior Citizen of the Year
• Active Citizenship (group or event)