Thursday, 27 September 2018

The Fairy Terns are back in Mandurah. Keen tern watchers have spotted them in the Estuary and the Marina over the last few days.

It is estimated that there are around 50 of the rare birds in the Mandurah area.

Although no terns have been spotted yet at the special Mandurah Fairy Tern Sanctuary at Mandurah Marina the public are being asked to keep their distance from the sanctuary fence and breakwater wall behind the site.

“Disturbance early in the season will deter them from nesting; but once they’ve settled, they’re a bit more resilient,” said Mandurah CEO Mark Newman.

“If you are walking your dog in the vicinity make sure it is on the lead, and any pet cats in the area must be contained,” Mr Newman said.

The Sanctuary was established by the City of Mandurah and multiple project partners (funded by Coastwest, a state government Initiative of the Western Australian planning Commission and Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage) to provide a safe nesting space nearby the 2016-2017 nesting site on a then-vacant development Lot.

A number of Fairy Terns flew repeatedly over the Sanctuary last year after it was completed – a good sign and confirmed ecological advice that it could take up to three seasons for a colony to successfully nest within the site.

Anyone interested in being involved in the conservation of this Threatened Species or assist in the important university research on Fairy Terns commencing next month, can do so by contacting the City’s Environmental Services via