Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Bev Jackson is this month’s Local Legend – and a legend she is.

A member of the Mandurah Country Club for 54 years, the keen golfer saw an opportunity to mix her love for the sport and her drive ( apologies for the pun) to contribute to the community when the local Zonta International Club received a passionate letter from the Queen Elizabeth II Cancer Centre. They were desperate for support for breast cancer research. There had been government cut backs and they needed help.

Bev came up with a plan to host a golf day to raise funds. They raised $1500 that first day – almost 25 years later the total amount raised is over $230,000.
Over that time Bev has been the driving force behind this initiative.

But this is only part of the work that Bev does for the community. She was a charter member for the Peel Zonta Club.

“We are heavily involved in the issue of domestic violence, we provide birthing kits, and we support women in the community, “ Bev said.

“But I also get lots out of being a member – it is character building to help the community, “ she said.

“I would encourage young women to join,” Bev added.

Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams said he was particularly excited to present Bev with her award because her contribution to Mandurah had been mentioned by so many people including former Mayor Paddi Creevey.

“Bev’s contribution has been a long term contribution,” Mayor Williams said.

“For almost a quarter of a century Bev has given of her time and energy to the cause of breast cancer research.

“And that is only the giving that is obvious, I also understand that she has been a leader in Zonta, and a fantastic networker, who really knows how to get things done.

“Like all our local legends, Bev is very quiet about her achievements – this seems to be a characteristic of those who give to the community.

“Every community needs these quiet and selfless achievers.

“If you know of someone you think deserves to be a Local Legend please don’t hesitate to contact me,” the Mayor said.