Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Today saw the official launch marking the completion of a $350,000 upgrade to the City’s CCTV system. The project was an election commitment of Mandurah MLA David Templeman as part of the Local Projects Local Jobs initiative.

It involved the installation of new CCTV cameras, updating exiting cameras, and a new optic fibre network.

The placement of the new CCTV cameras was worked out in consultation with the WA Police, who provided valuable insights into crime hot spots, where there was a need for surveillance.

The new cameras are operational and connect to the City’s CCTV System where vision is viewable by officers at the Mandurah Police Station and City Rangers.

“This is a vital project for improving safety in Mandurah, it is so important that people feel safe while enjoying our city centre and entertainment areas.” said Mandurah MLA David Templeman.

“Community safety and crime reduction is a big priority, the roll out of extra and improved CCTV capabilities is a big step forward in making Mandurah a safer place," said Mr Templeman.

Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams said that the council was aware of community concern with safety.

“In the 2016 Community Safety and Crime Prevention Perceptions Survey, our community desired a focus on better lighting, increased surveillance activities, and activation of public spaces, hence our focus on these initiatives over the past 12 months,” the Mayor said.

“We are very thankful of the State Government for this significant contribution to community safety,” he said.

“We know that the business owners in the City Centre have been particularly concerned about anti-social activity in the area, so In addition to better surveillance, we have also provided more boots on the ground – with extra patrols around the Smart Street Mall area.

“Another good example is the focus placed on crime prevention in the planning for the new foreshore development – we are designing our open places to be safer through better lighting and making them more amenable to activation.

“We have also recently invested $400,000 to fund a four person City Activation Team, which is working to drive more people into our town centre. The more active an area – the safer it is,” the Mayor said.

Project details

The project included
• Optical fibre installation from the City’s Civic Building, along the Eastern Foreshore to the Mandurah Bridge and across to Western Foreshore.
• The existing Smart Street Mall CCTV cameras were upgraded with new technology.
• New CCTV cameras and infrastructure across the following locations:
 Keith Holmes Reserve
 Southern end of the Eastern Foreshore
 Brighton Hotel Laneway
 Pinjarra Road (near City’s Rangers Building)
 Public space near Sholl Street and Church Street
 Smart Street Mall
CCTV signage to assist to deter any anti-social behaviour