Press Release For: Media
Wednesday, 17 October 2018

An exciting new trial making battery storage more accessible and manageable has been launched in Meadow Springs.

The PowerBank trial will be the first time in Australia that a utility-scale battery is integrated into an already-established major metropolitan network, to allow a shared storage service to meet an individual customer's needs.

A 105kW (420kWh) Tesla battery will be owned and operated by Western Power and Synergy and connected to the grid in Meadow Springs, allowing households with solar panels to maximise their existing grid connection.

Customers participating in the 24-month trial will be able to virtually store excess power they generate during the day from their solar PV systems in the battery, and then draw down on that power during the peak evening period.

These customers will be able to use 8kWhs of the PowerBank battery storage without having to outlay upfront costs for a behind the meter battery storage system. 8kWhs is enough to power the average suburban home for over one hour during peak time.

PowerBank trial participants will be given greater access to their usage patterns and daily storage data online via the Synergy website, while maintaining reliability of supply from their Western Power grid connection during overcast days.

Customers will also receive a quarterly activity statement advising of savings to date, using a system developed by Synergy.