Friday, 28 June 2019

Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams said the City is on track for a vibrant future with its focus on driving the economic wellbeing of Mandurah and the local community now and into the longer term.

"There is no doubt that parts of our community are facing challenges – unemployment and underemployment is an ongoing issue and people generally have less money to spend in our local businesses, putting pressure on our retail sector," Mr Williams said.

"Sadly, Mandurah isn’t immune to the cyclical down-turn in our national economy.

"Community, government and business need to keep working together to increase confidence in the long-run, while also supporting our businesses and our community with practical interventions now.

"The City has a long history of aspirational economic development, achieving some great results over the last couple of years and we need to continue building on these investments.

"Our strategy includes creating a vibrant city centre with places to meet, play and rest, increase tourism and boost local jobs.

"Building on Mandurah’s natural beauty, the City Centre Waterfront precinct is designed to reactivate the area to create an exciting space that will be a draw card for the local community and visitors, and hopefully entice private investment into the City Centre.

"The City has also recently created an economic development alliance with our neighbours at the Shire of Murray to deliver a series of transformational projects that seek to address our long term unemployment challenges.

"These projects include attracting water-science and agri-business industries to the area, alongside the work being done out at Nambeelup Industrial Area and upgrades to the Murray Airfield.

"These projects will take time to come to fruition, but will, in time, reposition us as a significant contributor to the WA economy.

"Our community’s contribution is vital in helping us to deliver all this, to ensure our community is buffered from difficult economic times in the short term and prospers into the future," Mr Williams said.

City of Mandurah CEO Mark Newman said Mandurah is in a vital growth stage and to enable the City to continue to provide and improve a range of services, a proposed average rate increase of 2.5% will be considered by Council for the 2019-20 financial year.

"This year’s budget and rates have been impacted by property revaluation, which is conducted every three years in Mandurah by the West Australian Valuer-General," Mr Newman said.

"Revaluation impacts the rate amount by increasing or decreasing the Gross Rental Value (GRV), which can vary considerably.

"The challenge, as always, is to balance those things that we have no control over, with the requirements of our growing and evolving City.

"We pride ourselves on maintaining a financially responsible and aspirational City and our approach to the budget and its impact on the community aims to reflect that."

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Important Dates

2 July 2019 Special Council Meeting: Adoption of Rates for Advertising (21 day community feedback period)

30 July 2019 Council Meeting: consideration of community feedback/Adoption of Rates and Annual Budget

Mid-late August Rates notice issued