Facilities Hire

This page contains all you need to know about hiring a City of Mandurah Community Facility.

Each community facility has its own dedicated page and walk through video.

The relevant forms you will need to read, complete and submit before we can confirm your booking are located in the Related Documents panel.

To arrange a viewing of the facility please call the booking office on 9550 3601 to arrange a suitable time.

Functions that are high risk

Particular bookings may be flagged as being high risk. 

Where this is the case we require the hirer to provide licensed security cover for the duration of the booking. We will also request the contact details of the security firm being employed in order for us to make the necessary checks. The hirer will be required to register the activity with the local police station and provide evidence of the registration. 

Before signing and submitting a hire form, please ensure you have read the full the Terms and Conditions of Hire.


 Bond Type   Amount
 Standard Booking  $  250.00
 Low Risk Events  $  500.00
 Medium Risk Events  $1,000.00
 High Risk Events  $2,000.00
 Key Bond  $  40.00

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