Netball Rules and By-Laws


  1. All Australian Netball Association Rules shall apply unless otherwise provided for in these by-laws.
  2. The Management of City of Mandurah Recreation Centres reserves the right to change or amend the by-laws at any time without prior notice. Where possible the Centre will attempt to inform teams of changes, but it is the teams’ responsibility to remain up to date with the By-Laws and rules of the game.  
  3. Day to day interpretation of these shall be the responsibility of the senior official present at the time.  Appeals against interpretation shall be lodged in writing with the Management of Mandurah Recreation Centres within 24 hours of the incident.


  1. Players must be registered on the “Nomination Form” prior to the commencement of each season. This registration includes full names, email and contact numbers.  
  2. The registration fee covers administration costs.   
  3. The full Registration Fee and Forfeit bond must be paid prior to the commencement of the season, or prior to a team’s first fixture game if registering after the commencement date of the current season.  
  4. Registration ceases at the end of any one season.   
  5. Nomination forms are to be returned by the due date stated. Late forms will be accepted subject to availability within the competition.   
  6. New players may be introduced during the season, provided that they comply with By-Law requirements and are registered on the Nomination Form after playing 3 games.   
  7. Team names must not be deemed offensive or inappropriate. Centre Management reserves the right to enforce a name change.   
  8. Nominations for new seasons will not be accepted from teams with outstanding debts.   


  1. If no match is played as a result of insufficient notice, the FORFEITING team will be penalised a forfeit fine.  Forfeit fines will be applied according to the following schedule: 
    More than 24 hours notice $60
    Less than 24 hours notice $80
    No show $100
  2. In the event of a forfeit and no match conducted, the non-offending team shall receive a refund of game fees or have the fee credited to their following game.  No forfeit fines will be applied if a scratch match occurs. (A scratch match is defined as a “friendly” game between the two fixtured sides. All members from both teams must still pay their admission fee to cover court/umpire costs incurred by the centre. Once a scratch match is played, no “credit” will be given to either side).
    Telephone: (08) 9550 3600.    
  3. Forfeiting teams must pay any due fees before the next scheduled game.
  4. Any team forfeiting three times in any one season may be replaced without notice at the discretion of the Management of Mandurah Recreation Centres.    
  5. No further premiership points will be awarded to forfeiting teams until such time as the game fee and forfeit fine (if applicable) has been paid in full. Lost points are NOT redeemable.   


  1. All players were possible in each team are required to present themselves in conforming uniforms (tops and bottoms) for each match.   
  2. Teams are required to provide their own Netball Bibs, these can be hired at a cost of $8 per game if required.   Centre Management reserves the right to request a change in colour. Teams are encouraged to seek approval for colour before purchasing bibs.   
  3. Fingernails must be cut short, alternatively gloves may be worn, although, nails must be at a reasonable length.  NO TAPING ACCEPTED.     
  4. Any jewellery, including hair combs and head bands are not permitted.   Piercings are to be removed.  NO TAPING ACCEPTED.  Medic Alert Bracelets may be taped.  


  1. A team is required to ensure that players present and ready to play have signed the match scoresheet before the commencement of play.   
  2. The team captain (for the night) must be identified by signing the “Team Captain” section on the scoresheet
  3. The minimum age for a player to participate in the competition is 13 years of age.   
  4. All players must demonstrate to the officials that they possess a level of skill that is appropriate to the competition.   
  5. Any club with two or more teams in the same competition shall not be permitted to interchange players from one team to another after the third match of the season.
  6. Players in lower grades are able to play in higher grades during the season as many times as required, but are only allowed to play in WA or WD as a substitute, these substitutes are not eligible for finals.   Team members on initial registration form are able to play finals, unless Team Captain has formerly asked for extra players to be added during the season to the
  7. Whilst we recognise the right to introduce new players during the season, we observe the right not to allow teams to increase their playing strength beyond the capability of the grade in which they play by the introduction of such players.   
  8. All registered players must take the court if present before utilising a substitute player from a lower grade, unless a player is ill, injured and unable to take the court.  A same grade player may join in but will have to play WA or WD and0 out of position.
  9. Teams designated as “Mixed” or “Women” must remain as designated.  
  10. A minimum of three registered players must be on the court at all times with fill in’s to make the required number of players, fill ins are required to play in wing positions first.  


  1. To qualify for finals matches all players must be registered on nomination form if team captain is unsure are advised to check with Sports and Activities staff regarding the eligibility of team players for finals if unsure of the total games played.  It is the Captain’s responsibility to add new players to their team nomination form at the reception of the recreation centre to enable player’s qualification for final matches. 
  2. A player may only play finals matches for the team in which they are registered. 


  1. It is the Captain’s responsibility to collect monies and pay the match fee at front reception prior to the commencement of games. 
  2. Team Captains must ensure the score sheet are signed  prior to game commencement and identify themselves on the scoresheet with an asterisk (*) 
  3. It is the Captains responsibility to ensure all registered players are aware of Centre Rules and Guidelines. 
  4. All teams must provide their own scorer for the duration of the game. Failure to provide a scorer will leave the offending teams no recourse to challenge the score. 
  5. A team shall be held responsible for the conduct of its members and spectators. Umpires have the capacity to penalise offending teams and teams from which offending spectators come from. Teams with spectators not abiding by this requirement may be penalised with a cancelled match.
  6. Supporters of teams must be seated in the Stadium courts during game time, including the sidelines.  Spectators and Supporter’s must abide by the Centre rules.  
  7. Any player deemed to be under the influence or alcohol* or drugs shall be denied entry to the playing area and will be subject to report by match officials (*determined if alcohol can be detected on player’s breath, or behaving in an intoxicated manner). 
  8. Centre Management reserve the right to automatically exclude a team from any further fixtured games, if in their view, they have persisted with verbal abuse, threats or physical intimidation. 
  9. Registered players of a team that has been excluded will not be able to register for any other netball team participating in fixtured matches managed by the City of Mandurah Recreation Centres in ensuing seasons, i.e. both the team and the players will be excluded forthwith.   


  1. Misconduct is any behaviour that is contrary to accepted standards of good sportsmanship 
  2. A team shall be held responsible for the conduct of its members and spectators. 
  3. Players, team members, team officials and spectators shall be subject to report by any official of the Centre for any form of misconduct. 
  4. Misconduct shall include abusive language, unsporting conduct, undue rough play, resisting, striking and attempted striking and player warnings 
  5. The official shall complete a Disciplinary Notice Form that will be lodged at the centre, all players with more than 3 warnings within the regular season will be suspended for the following fixture game (1 game)
  6. Any player, team, team official or spectator who has a complaint lodged against him, her or them shall receive the following: 
    A copy of the official report relating to their incident of misconduct. 
    An email outlining the Misconduct offence or offences that the player is accountable for and the penalty that applies to the offence and its severity. 
  7. Penalties for Player Misconduct range from reprimands through to several weeks suspension,    or even expulsion from the Recreation Centres. Penalties are dependent on the type of Player Misconduct committed and its severity. Teams should familiarise themselves with the consequences that members may be faced with when reported by an Official for Misconduct. 
  8. An umpire may discipline a player for Misconduct in the following ways 
  9. Caution the offending player
    • Followed by a warning later if required
    • Standing the offending player off the court for a period of two minutes 
    • Ordering the offending player to leave the court and take no further part in the game, followed by a disciplinary report form
    • Giving an advance penalty to the opposition team of the offending player, whereby the opposition team is given an undefended shot at goal
  10. Where a spectator engages in Misconduct in support of a team, the umpire may, at his/her discretion
    • Issue a warning to the spectator
    • Order that the spectator be removed from the venue
    • Award goals to the team not associated with the spectator
    • If the spectator continues to engage in misconduct, the umpire may award a forfeit in favour of the team not associated with the spectator
  11. City of Mandurah Recreation Centres may suspend a player who engages in any form of misconduct from playing the remainder of any game and or from playing any further number of games that in its discretion, thinks appropriate.


  1. In the event of misconduct by players, substitutes, team officials or spectators, the most senior match official has the authority to abandon matches.  Any match abandoned due to misconduct will result in a forfeit against the offending team and a win recorded for the opposing team.
  2. In the event of external circumstances (such as a power outage) which end a match before half time, the game will be deemed a draw with a score of 20-20 awarded to both teams.  In this case, the game fee will be credited to the following week. Should the game be abandoned after half time, the score will be recorded as it stands and No game credit will be awarded.


  1. The penalty for playing illegal players is the loss of all premiership points accrued for that season or automatic forfeit of the match or matches in which the offences occurred.
  2. Illegal players are defined as follows:
    • Failing to pay the appropriate fee
    • Playing under an assumed name
    • Playing whist under suspension.


Points shall be awarded on the following basis:  

  • Win    2  points;  
  • Loss  0 points;
  • Draw  1 point;  
  • Bye 0 points;  
  • Forfeit  0 points;
  • Forfeit against 2 points. 


Competition Enquiries regarding new players or current competitions can be made to the Management of the City Mandurah Recreation Centres or Email:


  1. Teams will not be allowed to commence the match without first presenting their game fee receipt with their team name to the match official 
  2. When a team has (5) players on the scoresheet, the match must start.  A late player may only take the court in the period after a goal has been scored and prior to the whistle of the next centre pass. 
  3. If a team has less than five (5) players, then for every minute or part thereof that team is late commencing, the opposing team will be awarded one (1) goal per minute until ten (10) minute have expired. 
  4. If a team does not have five (5) players on the court and ready to play within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled starting time, they must forfeit the game.  The final score awarded for a forfeit will be 20-0. Forfeit fines will apply as per By-Law 3. No forfeit fine will apply if a scratch match is played.   


In the event of an equal score at the conclusion of full time of any non-final match, then the match will be considered a draw and each team will be awarded one premiership point.

In the event of an equal score at the conclusion of any finals match then, after a 2 minute rest,  the match will be continued by two, five (5) minute time periods, with no rest, but changing end between rounds. If a result is not achieved after this additional time, the first team to be ahead by two (2) goals will be deemed the winner.     


  1. The clock will be started at the fixture game time.  Teams who are ready to play (i.e. have paid the game fee, presented receipt to umpire, filled in scoresheet, and are on court ready to play) will receive one (1) goal for every minute or part thereof until play begins, if the opposition are not ready.  After 9 minutes if play has not commenced, the game will be called a forfeit (forfeit fees will be applied, see Bylaw 3).
  2. In minor round matches time will continue in the event of an injury  
  3. Any player who cannot be moved from the court should not do so.  If due to injury the game is abandoned, the Centre Manager shall decide the outcome of the match.
  4. Games shall commence and finish on the whistle. 


All matches shall consist of the following times unless indicated otherwise by Centre Management:  4 x 10 minute quarters with a 1 minute half time break and 30 second break at quarter and third quarter time.     


  1. Substitutions may be made at the break between any quarter, and a player substituted shall be entitled to re-enter the game at any quarter time break.
  2. A player substituted due to injury shall be entitled to re-enter the game at any quarter time break.
  3. An immediate substitution can be made in the case of a player on court being injured or becoming ill.  At such time, the opposing team shall be allowed to change playing positions if desired.
  4. After injury or illness when no substitution is made, the injured or ill player may return to the vacant position after notifying the umpire of her/his intention to return to the game and after a goal has been scored.
  5. A player sent off for disciplinary action by umpires, may not be substituted unless they are playing at the position of Centre (C). This includes if the suspended time frame contains a quarter break.     


  1. Trophies or similar shall be awarded to winning premiership teams and runners up to a maximum of 9 players.
  2. The City of Mandurah Recreation Centres retains the right to decide the nature of trophies provided, which may include trophies, glasses, drink bottles, or other products deemed suitable.   


  1. Teams withdrawing from the competition prior to the end of the season will not be refunded their forfeit bond and must pay any outstanding fines.
  2. All requests to withdraw from the competition are to be made in writing and directed to the Sports and Activities Supervisor. 


A player may transfer from one team or club to another team once during the season provided that transfers are presented to Management in writing before the night/day that the player plays for the new club or team. 


  1. Two umpires will be provided per court / where possible
  2. Responsibility of the umpires:  Prior to the match:
       (a) Performs toss with team captains
       (b) Inspects the condition of playing area, ball and equipment
       (c) Inspects players nail length, and ensures all jewellery is removed
  3. During the match:
       (a) Sanctions misconduct and delays
       (b) Calls all faults and infractions of play
  4. After the match:
       (a) Collection of ball and equipment
       (b) Signs scoresheet
  5. The umpire’s decision is final. He\She shall not permit any discussion about his/her decision. However, at the request of the game captain, he\she will give an explanation on the application of interpretation of the rules he\she has based his\her decision on, at half or full-time. 


  1. Supporters of teams must be seated in the Stadium courts during game time. Spectators and Supporter’s must abide by the Centre rules, teams with spectators not abiding by this requirement may be penalised with a cancelled match.
  2. Children must remain seated and must be supervised by an adult as identified by City of Mandurah Recreation Centre’s. Unsupervised children are a danger to themselves, other players and umpires and if not correctly supervised, a parent shall be required to attend to them off court with no substitution allowed.  Please take note that children are to be fully supervised behind the netting at Halls Head Community Recreation Centre at all times, at any time the umpire where required will stop the game and advise the parent on court to look after their child in regards, with no substitution or replacement unless playing C.  


  1. Day Time Competitions – Will run year round, breaking during school holidays, with no competition on public holidays.
  2. Evening Competitions – Will run year round, play will continue through the school holidays. Games will also be played on Australia Day, Labour Day and Queens Birthday public holidays, subject to centre discretion.
  3. The City of Mandurah Recreation Centres reserve the right to change dates, sporting fixtures and grading systems at any time without notice.


In addition to the player code of conduct the City of Mandurah Recreation Centres ask that you meet the following guidelines in regard to your conduct during your role as team player within the Centre.  

  1. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner relating to language, temper and punctuality.
  2. Maintain a high standard of personal behaviour at all times.
  3. Abide by the rules and respect the decision of the umpires. Be courteous and use the correct process when seeking a rule clarification.
  4. It is an offence for any player, on or off the court, to intentionally intimidate an umpire or any other player before or after the game


  1. Pregnancy, Injury or Illness City of Mandurah Recreation Centres is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all its members, including Injured, Pregnant or Ill players. Please seek medical confirmation from you doctors before playing to eliminate yourself from any risk, if pregnant the City of Mandurah Recreation Centre advises the player to see the Netball Australia website in regards to pregnancy and playing netball.

Play for Fun, Friendship and Fairness

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