Sports Competition Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions relate to all our adult and junior social sports programs.


This is an application to join one of the competitions at Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre and no guarantee is given that this application will be successful. Where teams cannot be included they will be notified.

Nomination forms must be fully completed. This includes the inclusion of full names, email and contact phone numbers of all players.

Withdrawal from a competition will result in full loss of any monies held in credit. Advance payments are non-refundable.

Withdrawal from a competition must be done so in writing or via email to the relevant Sports & Activity Officer. Four weeks’ notice must be given and any games not played in that four week period will be charged as per normal game fee.

A team will not be considered to have withdrawn and will continue to acquire additional playing fees until all outstanding fees have been paid.


Teams are to register all players as per the conditions above. Failure to do so will result in team members not being notified of important competition information (including fixtures) and ineligibility for finals games.

New teams joining after the start of a season can be introduced into a competition but will only be eligible to play in the finals at the discretion of the Sports Team Leader. Fairness to all participating team will be taken into account when making this decision.


All players are responsible for their own insurance. All players play at their own risk.


Teams forfeiting a regular game are required to pay their normal game fee. No refunds are given to any team for forfeits or byes. 

To Play

Prior to the game commencing, all teams are required to have paid their game fee in advance, either in the form of their deposit (weekly payments), or as part of an upfront full or half season payment.


Season lengths for junior and day time senior teams vary, and must be paid for upfront by a responsible adult.

Junior sport team fees are paid upfront for the length of the term.

Senior sport team fees are based on season payments

All payments received (including the initial upfront deposit payment) are non-refundable. Deposit payments may be used as credit for games once a team has informed Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre of its intention to withdraw from competitions.

Team Captains acknowledge that it is their responsibility to formally communicate to City of Mandurah Recreation Centre’s that they wish to opt out of their participation in sports competitions. If no contact is made by the Team Captain, then the Team Captain acknowledges that the Mandurah Recreation Centre’s will operate on the understanding the team’s involvement in the competition will be continuing.

Upfront Full Season

No deposit required. Games paid for in advance. A 15% discount is applied. Full season costs will be calculated at time of nomination, depending on the length of the season.

Upfront Half Payment

No deposit required. Games are paid for in advance. A discount of 10% is applied. The payment will consist of two half payments. Amounts will be calculated at the time of nomination.

Outstanding Debts

Any teams with outstanding debt will be contacted directly by a Sports and Activities Officer. If a payment dispute cannot be resolved by the next payment cycle, a team’s participation in a competition may be suspended until the account can be settled.

Team Responsibilities

The team will be held responsible for the conduct of its members and spectators. Furthermore, teams are expected to conduct themselves in keeping with the ethos of participation, enjoyment and healthy competition.

Team Captain

Responsibilities of the team captain/contact are

Prior to the match:

  • Organise their team
  • Inform a Recreation Centre staff member if they need assistance
  • Ensure that their fixture has been paid for in advance (either through the upfront, or weekly payment systems).

During the match

  • To ensure all team members and supporters behave in a sportsmanlike way

After the match

  • Thank umpires and opposition team
  • Communicate the needs and wants of his or her team to the Sports and Activities Team

Team Uniforms

All players in each team are required to present themselves in conforming uniforms for each match. Uniforms are to have the same color and shade.

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