Mandurah’s milestone Waterfront transformation project is officially underway, with the first stage of the project to be completed by late 2021.

The Eastern and Western Foreshores of Mandurah and surrounding areas are getting a make-over, making our City Centre an iconic precinct for people to meet, play and rest. Investing in a vibrant City Centre will support local tourism and jobs for long term economic well-being.

The redevelopment plans include a new Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct, Eastern Foreshore South Precinct and Eastern Foreshore North Boardwalk Precinct. Connecting the City Centre with the Waterfront is Smart Street Mall, which will also be transformed into a vibrant and welcoming pedestrian street.

The redevelopment commenced mid-2020, and will continue until 2023.

Project funding partners include the State and Federal Governments, and the City of Mandurah.

For more information visit our Mandurah Waterfront Project page.

Project updates

The Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct plan includes a large scale Play Space and a destination level Skate and Activity Space with supporting recreation facilities and social spaces.

Project timeline

Mid 2020 - Existing skate park demolished and site works commence

Late 2020 - Skate and Activity Space completed

Early 2021 - New toilet block completed

Mid 2021 - The ‘Meeting Place’ artwork completed

Late 2021 - Play Space and rest of reserve upgrades completed

Read more on the Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct project page

The Eastern Foreshore North Boardwalk Precinct plan includes a widened foreshore area and promenade, additional shade trees and seating, central activity area, expanded and enhanced alfresco dining areas and activation spaces.

Status: Not started
For more information visit our Eastern Foreshore North Boardwalk Precinct project page.

The Eastern Foreshore South Precinct plan includes an enclosed swimming area in the location of the historical ‘Robert Day Memorial Pool’ with iconic circular floating jetty platform, terraced steps and ramp to access the water and adjacent shade and seating. In addition to the Estuary Pool, the beach area will be upgraded with ramp access, jetty and boat parking facilities, and grass and paved activity space connecting the foreshore and City Centre.

Project timeline

Late 2020 - Town jetty and adjacent groyne removed

Late 2020 - Estuary Pool construction commences

Early 2021 - Government Jetty and Tuckey Lane Jetty completed

Late 2021 - Eastern Foreshore South Precinct completion

For more information visit our Eastern Foreshore South Precinct project page

Smart Street Mall is receiving a complete infrastructure upgrade, with a new refreshed look and feel. The plans include paving, feature lighting, tree planning, and shelter canopies.

Project timeline

Mid 2020 - Works commence

Late 2021 - Project completion

For more information visit our Smart Street Precinct project page

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Funding partners

Government of Western Australia
Peel Development Commission