Significant Tree Register

The Significant Tree Register is an initiative by the City of Mandurah, under the Local Planning Scheme No. 12, to protect trees of significance in our community.

The tree/s can be nominated by any member of the community or organisation, and can be either native or exotic species and growing on private or public land.

Once nominations are received, the tree will be assessed against set criteria by a Working Group to determine their suitability to go onto the register. If the tree satisfies any of the Categories of Significance - Assessment Criteria, the City will proceed with the nomination in accordance with the Significant Tree Register Process Flow Chart with the final approval given by Council.

From the moment the City acknowledges the receipt of a nomination, the nominated tree/s become protected by the City’s Tree and Bushland Preservation Requirements, until a decision is reached by Council to approve or reject the nomination.  All stakeholders will be informed of the various stages of assessment process to completion, with the nominator and landowner formally advised of the outcome.  

What is the purpose of the register?

To protect individual or groups of trees that are highly valued in our community, outstanding and valuable for their:

  • Outstanding visual / aesthetic significance
  • Botanic/scientific significance
  • Ecological value significance
  • Historical, commemorative, cultural and social significance.

You can nominate a tree or community of trees for the Significant Tree Register by following these steps: 

  • Fill out the Significant Tree Register Nomination Form
  • Check and confirm that the tree being nominated is not already listed on the Significant Tree Register
  • Submit filled form with supporting documents (where applicable) to the City’s Environmental Services Team via e-mail or by post to the City's Administration Centre.  

If the Working Group determines and agrees that the nomination meets a category of significance, the City will proceed the nomination in accordance with the Significant Tree Register Process Flow Chart, with the final approval given by Council.

Download the Significant Tree Nomination Brochure

Our significant trees are some of the most spectacular trees in Mandurah. Some of these trees also rest on significant historical sites. By visiting these trees you can learn more about Mandurah's species, local history and culture.

Book a guided tour of some of the significant trees in our city centre as part of the WA Tree Festival:

Tour 1 - Wednesday April 17, 4-5pm

Tour 2 - Saturday April 27, 12-1pm

Download the Significant Tree Trail booklet to take the challenge and explore the significant trees throughout our city centre. Also view the whole register to find significant trees across Mandurah.

Significant Tree Trail Challenge

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Helpful resources

Brochure on significant tree register (PDF - 499.9KB)
Download PDF
Significant tree register application form (PDF - 51.9KB)
Download PDF
Register of significant trees (PDF - 314.7KB)
Download PDF