Trading in Public Places

Trading in Public Places (TPP) allows for the operation of trading activities within the City of Mandurah that does not conflict with, or prejudice the City's permanent retail or service base.

Examples of activities that could be considered are;

  • Ice cream traders
  • Flower stalls
  • Itinerant food vendors

Areas where trading is not permitted

All trading activities (including itinerant food vendors) are not permitted to trade in the Eastern Foreshore area.

Itinerant food vendors are not permitted to trade in the following areas due to public safety concerns:

    a) the Mandurah city centre area (bounded by Mandurah Terrace, Pinjarra Road, Gibson Street and Sutton Street)

    b) the Mandurah Ocean Marina Precinct

    c) along the following roads/streets:

  • Allnutt Street (between Park Road and Fremantle Road)
  • Mandurah Bypass
  • Murdoch Drive
  • Old Coast Road
  • Pinjarra Road
  • Lakes Road
  • Leslie Street
  • Mandurah Terrace
  • Mandurah Road
  • Gordon Road
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