Development Approval

 Requirement for Development Approval

Development approval is required for all works and use of land that is zoned under the City’s local planning scheme.

The following forms of development do not require an approval:

  • A single house and ancillary structures where the proposal complies with the Residential Design Codes or requirements of the local planning scheme;
  • Internal works to a building, except where the building is in a state or local heritage list;
  • Demolition of buildings, except where the building is in a state or local heritage list;
  • Jetties that comply with the local planning policy;
  • Signage associated with an election or as specified in a local planning policy;
  • Telecommunications infrastructure in commercial zones that comply with specific criteria outlined in the local planning scheme;
  • Land uses that are permitted in the local planning scheme;

Applying for Development Approval

Where development approval is require, a completed application form is to be submitted to the City of Mandurah together with the information that is outlined on the form. Information that would assist in the consideration of the application should also be provided. The fees payable are provided below, and can be paid in person, by cheque, or via credit card by phoning the City’s Administration Centre.

Single House (‘R-Code’) Application

If development approval is required for assessment of a single dwelling under the Residential Design Codes (‘R-Codes application’), applications can be lodged using the City’s Electronic Online Lodgement System.

Development Assessment Panel (DAP) Application

If the proposed cost of development is greater than $10million, then the application is required to be determined by the Metro South-West Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP).

If the proposed cost of development is between $2million and $10million, applicants have the option of having the application being determined by the City of Mandurah or the JDAP.

For applications to be determined by the JDAP, applications forms and fees can be accessed via the Development Assessment Panels website.

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