What is being done

The Peel Mosquito Management Group is a regional and state partnership between the City of Mandurah, Shire of Murray, City of Rockingham, Shire of Waroona and the Department of Health (DoH) and is supported by the University of Western Australia (UWA).

It is essential that the group works cooperatively to achieve positive outcomes. The partnership has been in place since 1991 and is the largest of its type in WA.

Mosquito Officers management program consist of:
  • Weather and tide conditions
  • Inspect and collect data on breeding mosquito activity
  • Coordinate and carryout treatments
  • Pre-treatment Surveillance
  • Larviciding
  • Post-treatment surveillance
  • Adulticiding
  • Adult mosquito trapping
  • Monitoring of virus isolation data generated by UWA on behalf of DoH
  • Public education and awareness
The program start and finish dates vary from year to year, generally it’s from August to May.
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