Local Planning Scheme

Provide access to Council’s local planning scheme

The City of Mandurah’s Town Planning Scheme No 3 provides the land use planning framework for Mandurah. The Scheme 3 shows how land may be used and developed. This is primarily through the zoning of land and development standards. The zones are available via online mapping under the 'Town Planning' module.

The Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 (the Regulations)
The Regulations are a major part of Western Australia’s planning reform agenda, affecting local planning strategies, schemes and amendments. In addition to a Model Scheme Text, the Regulations introduce a set of provisions that will form part of every local planning scheme in the State once the Regulations take effect. Reference should be made to the Deemed Provisions that replace existing Town Planning Scheme No. 3 requirements.

Council has adopted a new planning scheme, the Mandurah Planning Scheme. This Scheme needs approval to advertise to the Western Australia Planning Commission and Minister for Planning. Extensive community consultation will be undertaken at the next stage.

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