Most paths are suitable for pedestrians only and cyclists are encouraged to use only designated bike paths. There are a number of shared paths in the city that encourage dual use for both pedestrians and cyclists. Any reports for a path in need of maintenance can be directed to the City via the Service Request Form. Find out about planned path constructions.

Pedestrian Access Ways (PAW)


PAW’s are provided as a means for pedestrians to have easier connectivity and access between streets/areas and the City is responsible for maintaining these. Maintenance covers mowing, spraying, pruning and general rubbish removal every three months. There may, at times, be a requirement to carry out extra works for removal of rubbish or weeds and these requests can be made to the City’s Customer Services.

Closure of a Pedestrian Access Way

All PAW closures require support from the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) as part of the closure process.
If you would like further information on the WAPC planning guidelines, closure of PAWs and also reducing crime and anti-Social behaviour in pedestrian access ways, please visit the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Fences Adjoining Public Access Ways

Fences that divide a property from a PAW are the responsibility of the property owner. If damage occurs due to a fallen branch or similar from the City’s property then please contact the City’s Customer Services.

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