Ringtail Possum Workshop

ringtail possum peering out of hollow

Join us, as we count the critically endangered Western Ringtail Possums that call Mandurah home.

From 18th September to 18th October 2019, Parks and Wildlife and Wirambi Landcare will be running the Western Ringtail Possum Tally within Mandurah.
The tally involves residents recording how many ringtail possums they see each night. We are inviting the local community to help us scope out Western Ringtail Possum's during the month, in order to count the total number of Ringtail's that live in the Mandurah area.

Dawesville, and Southern Mandurah suburbs make up the most northern reach of Western Ringtail Possum populations in the South West.
As Western Ringtail Possum's are critically endangered, we need all the help we can get to determine how well our Mandurah population is doing.

Join us for an information workshop on how to join the Western Ringtail Possum Tally for 2019.

Date: Saturday 14th September
Time: 10am-12pm
Location: Falcon E-Library and Community Centre ,Cobblers Rd & Flavia St, Falcon WA 6210

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