Ambiguous Romanticism

Ambigious Romanticism 3

By Nigel Laxton

Nigel Laxton's acrylic paintings relate to an artist’s sensory encounters with landscape. They are based on cultural geography and the feelings and perceptions of being in wild places. They are rarely representational but focus on the philosophical, social and cultural aspects of landscape.

Laxton's art practice as a whole is influenced by phenomenological enquiry, a philosophical framework that relates to the structures of personal experience and consciousness. Using a process of mindful and reflective practice he attempts to generate ideas and concerns that direct the flow of painting. Laxton draws on particular instances he has experienced and the emotional responses they confer.


The exhibition will showcase a series of semi-abstract paintings that explore the concept of ‘Ambiguous Romanticism’: contemporary art that has its base in an appreciation of both natural and urban environments, individual expression and a deliberate ambiguity in the composition and colour of the paintings.


Launch | Fri, 10 Feb, 6pm

Artist Talk | 19 Feb, 2pm

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Wed to Sun, 10am - 4pm

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