Get Involved

Get the most our of your festival experience by getting involved in the Dress up Competition and collecting your stamps to win some great prizes.

Win the Grand Prize - an iPad!

Don't forget to collect your stamp card from any of the two information points at the event for your chance to win the Grand Prize. The process is simple

1. Collect your stamp card

2. Participate in the FREE workshops and collect your stamps

3. Once you have 3 or more stamps, go to one of the information marquees and complete a participation card to go in the draw to win!

Don't miss out on your chance to win!


Dress up Competition

The Dress up Competition will be based on this year's event theme of COMMUNICATION! Open to children aged 0-12 years, come dressed in your best COMMUNICATION inspired costume for your chance to win! All participants will go home with a prize.

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Who do you know that communicates?
An air traffic controller
A radio host
A news reporter

What do you know that communicates?
A phone
A Birthday card
An emoji

Ideas are endless, so don't miss out and register now for a chance to win!

child dressed up as a builder in a hard hat, green bunnins work shirt, tool belt and plank of wood 

2016 Dress up Competition winner Mason Bell



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