Hydrodome Project

Celebrating Mandurah and Peel’s experience on the water

Check out our Aquatic Filming and Soundscape Recording workshops that were held in the January school holidays HERE.

All ages are welcome

 The HydroDome focuses on our community’s connection to our waterways from Mandurah’s ancient Bindjareb heritage to 21st century recreation.

Internationally recognised digital artist, Dave Carson, UK based sound artist, Justin Wiggan, and award- winning choreographer, Bernadette Lewis, are capturing the sights, sounds and movements of our community’s interaction with our precious waterways.

This multi-sensory artwork was launched at Kaya – Party in the Square in October of 2017, providing a taste of the immersive 360 degree Hydrodome experience that will be a focal point at the Stretch Arts Festival 2018.

Artist Justin Wiggan has composed a Soundscape from a collection of sounds and narratives from our community’s experience on the water.

Members of our elderly, special needs and Noongar communities, as well as children, dance schools and swim schools participated in a series of Movement workshops choreographed and facilitated by Bernadette Lewis.

Some of these dances were Filmed with 360 degree cameras, amongst other places in the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation centre swimming pool.

These films along with the soundscapes will be shown at the Stretch Festival 2018 in a projection dome which the public will be able to enter and be immersed in the artwork.



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