The City of Mandurah is a film friendly city, and recognises the benefits and challenges for the screen industry. We have a dedicated Film Liaison Officer who can guide you through the process and work with you throughout to ensure that the needs and interests of the local community are balanced with your filming product.

A few benefits that we would like to work with you on include:

  • Promoting the destination of Mandurah’s natural landscape and waterways
  • Providing opportunities for local businesses to be engaged or benefit from the project
  • Economic impact of the project, and the contribution to economic development opportunities including but not limited to skill development and job creation for the local community

Filmmakers looking to film in Mandurah should start with the Filming in Mandurah application to assist the City with understanding the requirements of your project.

If you want to chat about your upcoming project, or have any questions relating to filming in Mandurah please contact our Film Friendly Officer on 9550 3622.

Apply for your filming permit online.

Filming application form

Filming terms and conditions outline noise, notification, temporary infrastructure, and much more

Filming terms and conditions

Conditions of hire for public open space, reserves and facilities.

Hirer terms and conditions