At the City of Mandurah MARC, we offer a range of sporting competitions to suit men, women and teens.

All of our competitions are fun, social and suitable for anyone, no matter how experienced.

You can sign up your team by bringing your nomination form in to the MARC or by emailing our Sports and Activities Team

Don't have a team? Send through your details and we will do our best to find you one. 

Sporting games and groups at the MARC

Futsal is an abbreviation of futebol de salão in Portuguese or futsala in Spanish which translates to big room soccer.

  • It is a variant of football, played on an indoor hard court between two teams of five
  • The game ball is smaller and heavier than a normal football, reducing bounce
  • There are unlimited substitutions allowing more play time for everyone in the team, and with limited space on the smaller court, you'll always be in the middle of the action!

Mixed Social Futsal Competition Dates

Games times vary between 6:15pm and 9:45pm.

Competition dates
3 February 2021 - 30 June 2021 

(Please note there are no games during the school holidays) 

What else do you need to know?

  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle
  • No studs, sports shoes only
  • Bibs supplied
  • Cost varies depending on payment option

Rules, codes of behaviour and terms & conditions

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Netball is played by two teams of seven and is one of the most popular sports in Australia

Competitions are fun, social, and suitable for experienced netballers through to beginners and those looking to re-join the game.

Social Netball Competition Dates

Tuesday evenings at Halls Head
Grade: Social Open
2 February - 29 June 2021 

Wednesday evenings at Mandurah
Grade: Social Open
3 February - 30 June 2021 

Thursday mornings at Mandurah
4 February - 1 July 2021 

What else do you need to know?

  • Teams are required to supply their own bibs, limited amounts are available for hire 
  • Teams are required to wear the same colour tops
  • Jewellery must be removed or taped
  • Cost varies depending on payment option

Rules, codes of behaviour and terms & conditions

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We have three Squash Courts at the MARC.

Squash Courts are available for hire 7 days a week.

To book a Squash Court, contact us on 9550 3600.

We have a range of clubs utilising our centre facilities.
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