Important information

Who is Responsible for Lighting in our City?

The majority of the city's street lighting is owned and maintained by Western Power. The City owns and maintains lighting throughout Mandurah in relation to:
  • Parks, Reserves and Ovals 
  • Boardwalks 
  • City buildings 
  • Public toilet facilities 
Street lighting owned and maintained by the City includes:
  • Smart Street Mall 
  • Eastern Foreshore 
  • All carparks 
  • All bridges 
Some stages of subdivisions - Mandurah Ocean Marina, Seascapes, Mariners Cove, Meadow Springs, North Port.

Kirkpatrick Drive – Mandjoogoordap Drive to Education Drive.

Reporting Street Lighting Faults

Each street light has its own unique number attached to the pole which helps identify whether the light is managed by the City or by Western Power. This information should be obtained from the light pole and provided before reporting street lighting faults.

The City is not responsible for repairing street lights owned by Western Power. If you wish to report a Western Power light pole fault, please use the contact details below:

Phone: 13 13 51 (general)
Phone: 1800 622 008 (street light faults)
Western Power Website (online form available)

If the pole is City maintained, please report on 9550 3777 or send us an email.

Residents intending to construct or arrange the construction of a vehicle crossing privately are advised that Council's contribution towards the cost will only be made if all the requirements of this specification are satisfied.

What is a crossover?

This is the part of your driveway between your property boundary and the City’s road. The landowner is responsible to build and maintain the crossover. The City may refund the landowner for part of the costs involved to build the crossover.

The landowner can only claim a crossover within 6 months of it being built or every 15 years and must provide proof of construction costs (receipts).

To find out what is required to build a crossover by clicking the specifications please use the information sheets below:

How do I claim a crossover subsidy?

If your crossover meets the City’s requirements you can download the following forms:

The City of Mandurah's Works and Services team are responsible for the maintenance of all local roads within the municipality. The City budgets annually to upgrade, widen, seal and reconstruct local roads.

To report pot holes and other road repairs, bollards and handrails (missing / damaged) and damaged kerbs, please contact the City’s Customer Service section.

Main Roads Western Australia is responsible for the maintenance of major roads within the City. Please contact Main Roads to report maintenance issues on the below roads:

  • Pinjarra Road (east of Mandurah Road)
  • Old Coast Road
  • Mandurah Road

Pinjarra Road Park

  • Works – Construction of Footpath
    Completion - October

Cox Bay

  • Works – Construction of Footpath
    Completion - September

Broadstone Vista

  • Works – Construction of School Crossing
    Completion - October

Oakmont Avenue

  • Works – Road Resurfacing
    Completion - October 

Peel Street – Stage 2

  • Works – Roadworks and drainage
    Completion - December

Roberts Point Carpark, Halls Head

  • Works – Drainage and pavement reconstruction
    Completion - Mid October

Bortolo Reserve

  • Works – Carpark and footpath construction
    Completion - November

Leighton Road

  • Works – Drainage improvement
    Completion - October

Merlin Street and Mistral Street

  • Works -  New Round-a-bout Construction 
    Completion - November

Anstruther Road to Forrest Street

  • Works -  Road Rehabilitation and Upgrade 
    Completion - December

Pinjarra Road - Stage 1 from Sholl Street to Sutton Street

  • Works – Roadworks and drainage
    Commencing - January 2021
    Completion - March 2021


Most paths are suitable for pedestrians only and cyclists are encouraged to use only designated bike paths. There are a number of shared paths in the city that encourage dual use for both pedestrians and cyclists. Any reports for a path in need of maintenance can be directed to the City via the contact us form.

Pedestrian access ways (PAW)


PAW’s are provided as a means for pedestrians to have easier connectivity and access between streets/areas and the City is responsible for maintaining these. Maintenance covers mowing, spraying, pruning and general rubbish removal every three months. There may, at times, be a requirement to carry out extra works for removal of rubbish or weeds and these requests can be made to the City’s Customer Services.

Closure of a pedestrian access way

All PAW closures require support from the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) as part of the closure process.
If you would like further information on the WAPC planning guidelines, closure of PAWs and also reducing crime and anti-Social behaviour in pedestrian access ways, please visit the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Fences adjoining public access ways

Fences that divide a property from a PAW are the responsibility of the property owner. If damage occurs due to a fallen branch or similar from the City’s property then please contact the City’s Customer Services.

Bus shelters

Bus Shelters are installed and maintained by the City. To report vandalism/graffiti or to request a bus shelter, please complete a contact form.

Bus stops

Transperth provide public transport services for Mandurah. To view bus stop, routes and locations, please visit or contact 13 62 13.

To report damaged bus stops/vandalism, please contact the Public Transport Authority on (08) 9220 9999 or 13 16 08.

Visit the Transperth website for more public transport information

To request a bench seat, report damage or enquire about advertising on a bench seat, please complete a contact form.

The City supports the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) service in Western Australia. 
Anyone planning to excavate within the City should locate underground assets and call the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) service. For more information please phone 1100 or visit the DBYD website:

Follow the four Ps of excavation as recommended by DBYD:

Plan - Plan your job. Use the Dial Before You Dig service at least two business days before your job is due to begin to ensure you have the correct information you need to carry out a safe project.

Pothole - Potholing (hand digging) is a method to assist in establishing the exact location of all underground infrastructure.

Protect - Protecting and supporting the exposed infrastructure is the responsibility of the excavator. Always erect safety barriers in areas at risk to protect underground networks

Proceed - Proceed BUT only when you have planned, potholed and put the protective measures in place.

Visit the Dial Before You Dig website
The City provides and maintains all stormwater drainage infrastructure including the construction of open and piped drainage systems which transport water to sumps, bubble-up structures and swales.

We also carry out regular maintenance, clearing out blocked drains and improving and replacing drainage infrastructure.