In October 2021 the City of Mandurah will hold elections for the following vacancies:

District: 1 Vacancy (Mayor)
Coastal ward: 1 vacancy
East ward: 2 vacancies
North ward: 1 vacancy
Town ward: 2 vacancies

Nominating to become an Elected Member at the City of Mandurah is an important and personal decision. You must consider your own circumstances and decide whether you are able to make the commitment required.

The City of Mandurah encourages people from diverse backgrounds to nominate for election.

The Introduction to the role of Elected Member at the City of Mandurah provides an overview for anyone interested in becoming an Elected Member with the City of Mandurah.

For more information about running for election please visit the WAEC website


The Role of an Elected Member

The role of an Elected Member is set out under s.2.10 of the Local Government Act 1995:

  1. Represents the interests of electors, ratepayers and residents;
  2. Provides leadership and guidance to the community;
  3. Facilitates communication between the community and the Council;
  4. Participates in the Local Government’s decision-making processes at Council and Committee meetings; and
  5. Performs such other functions as are given to a Councillor by the Act.

Nominating to become an Elected Member at the City of Mandurah is an important and personal decision. You must consider your own circumstances and decide whether you are able to make the commitment required.

The role is rewarding and challenging, and can often be time consuming, demanding and complex. Being an Elected Member gives an opportunity to contribute to the community and influence decisions that shape the future of the City. 

Who can nominate as a candidate?

You can nominate to become a candidate, if you are:

  • 18 or older;
  • an elector of the district; and
  • a resident or rate payer of the council area, or an occupier of rateable land in the area.

You may not be eligible to be candidate if:

  • you are already an elected member of State or Federal Parliament;
  • you have been bankrupt;
  • you are in prison;
  • you have been convicted of a serious local government offence within the past five years;
  • you have been convicted on indictment of an offence for which the indictable penalty was or included imprisonment for life; or imprisonment for more than 5 years; or
  • are a member of another local government council.

How to nominate?

The 2021 Ordinary Election will be facilitated by the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) as a postal election. A Returning Officer will be appointed by the WAEC and will be available to candidates to arrange nominations and discuss the election process.

Who can nominate

In order to nominate, a person must be registered as a voter for the district in which they are standing as a candidate. They do not need to be an elector of the particular ward for which they are standing.

How to nominate

Nominations can only be made to the Returning Officer during the designated nomination period. The Returning Officer is available to assist with the nomination process and queries from candidates or the public.

For further information visit the WAEC Election Website – Summary Information for Candidates Manual.

Further information

For important information about the election process and statutory obligations of running as a candidate and if successful the requirements of an elected member visit the Department of Local Government - and the WAEC -

Facts and Information Sheets

If you are considering nominating or have nominated as a candidate (when nominations open) it is important that you actively inform yourself by reviewing and understanding the information provided by the WA Electoral Commission and the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. This information is vital in understanding your requirements and obligations of campaigning and the local government election process.

Information and Fact sheets produced by City of Mandurah below, provide an overview of Hot Topics however should not be considered the primary sources of information: 

The following documents were current at the time of the 2019 Local Government Election and will be reviewed prior to the next election in 2021.

Information for candidates

Introduction to the elected member role (PDF - 13.8MB)
Download PDF
FAQs for potential candidates (PDF - 624.6KB)
Download PDF
Election signage factsheet (PDF - 216.1KB)
Download PDF
Disclosure of Electoral Gifts factsheet (PDF - 157.4KB)
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Disclosure of gifts form (PDF - 30.1KB)
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