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Frank Semmens Local Studies Collection

If you’ve got an interest in the history, architecture, events or people of Mandurah and the Peel Region, then you may want to take a look at the Frank Semmens Local Studies Collection.

The collection includes:

Newspapers and clippings

Newspaper clippings have been collected since 1960.  These clippings are filed under subject headings.  Collecting information continues today. 

Oral histories

A unique collection of oral histories, is available on CD and transcript.  It provides a vital record of significant events, places, industries, businesses, Indigenous history and general life. The collection of oral histories continues on an ongoing basis.

Pioneering families

Information is available at the Museum about pioneering families and historic cottages including the Tuckey, Eacott and Sutton families.


A collection of photographs that captures Mandurah’s rich and vibrant history. Reproductions on photographic paper are available for purchase.

Books, reports, journals, brochures

Some of the subjects depicted are industry, land development, wetlands and the estuary. Material may not be borrowed, however all information is available and easily accessible.  A photocopier is available.  A small fee is charged to users of this service.

Books and DVDs available to purchase

If you would like to know more about Mandurah’s pioneering history and development there are books and DVDs available for sale at the museum. Significant amongst these are:

  • Burgess, J. (1988) ‘Mandurah-Water Under the Bridge’
  • Richards, R. (1993) ‘Murray and Mandurah’
  • ‘Mandurah-Spanning The Ages’
  • ‘Barragup Yarns’ An Indigenous History Film Project
Aboriginal People

Go to Our Knowledge, Our Land for information about the Mandurah Bindjareb community.

This website includes photos, video, oral histories and significant historical and cultural sites.