The following information is offered to assist those who have chosen to make the award winning Mandurah Ocean Marina their home.

There are three free all-day public car parks in the North Harbour of the Marina and another in South Harbour near the Mandurah Ocean Marina Chalets. Parking is also available at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

The launch ramp car park offers free trailer parking to those using the facility.

Time limits apply to street parking in North and South Harbour. These areas are clearly signed.
A private security company is contracted by the City of Mandurah to regularly patrol the boat pens and other public areas. Security concerns in the residential areas of the Marina should be reported to the Mandurah Police on 9581 0222.

LandCorp, as Marina project developer, installed an underground cable television system to residential properties in the Marina Precinct. This was done to eliminate the unsightly view of television aerials in the area. The City of Mandurah may arrange repairs when needed, at no cost to the user, to the main transmitter and from the transmitter to individual pits located outside the property. These types of faults are likely to affect signals in a whole building or street. If the fault is identified as being between the outside individual pit and your building, it is the responsibility of the owner/resident to arrange repairs.

Residents wishing to connect to ‘pay to view’ TV services such as Foxtel may do so by contacting the service provider.

Matters concerning reticulation faults, graffiti or rubbish accumulation can be reported to the Marina Administration Centre on 9550 3707.
The Special Area Rate contributes to the maintenance of those things that are specific to Marina living such as the seawall, decorative street lighting and landscaping.
The speed limit within the Marina is 50 km/h as determined by the Main Roads Department. The Marina, like many other 50 km/h zones is not signed but the limit still applies. Vehicles speeding or hooning in the Marina should be reported to the Mandurah Police on 9581 0222. Advising the police of the vehicle type and registration number may assist them to investigate your concern.
Speeding vessels can be reported to the Water Police on 9442 8600.
Any matter concerning work site safety should be reported immediately to Worksafe on 1300 307 877 for investigation. Untidy building sites can be reported to the City of Mandurah’s Department of Compliance Services on 9550 3777. Builders are permitted to commence work at 7.00am from Mondays to Saturdays. To work on Sundays and public holidays builders require permission from the City.
There are two types of light poles in the Marina. The grey poles on the main roads are managed by Western Power and as such any faults can be reported to them on 131351. The white decorative lights are managed by the City of Mandurah and any problems can be reported to City Build on 9550 3777.
To find details of land for sale in the Mandurah Ocean Marina visit the Landcorp website.