Art by Claire Pannell of Agronomy for Otherworlds

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Be delighted and intrigued as you wander through a collection of constructed imaginary places and experiences showcased in Other Worlds by Claire Pannell and Alana Grant.

Featured mixed media and collaged artworks place the seemingly mundane or fantastical into unusual juxtapositions, flirting with absurdity and fun or, at times, sharing observations on contemporary society.

Claire Pannell and Alana Grant are both multidisciplinary artist based in Mandjoogoordap.

Pannell's recent work is primarily focused on the medium of collage. Utilizing a diverse range of materials and mediums, she creates intricate collages that invite the viewer to immerse themselves in a surreal landscape of alternate realities and alternate dimensions. Drawing inspiration from sci-fi, pop culture and punk aesthetics, Pannell's work challenges traditional notions of reality and offers a glimpse into the vastness of other worlds. Embracing the anarchic spirit of Dada, her collages are a playful and thought-provoking commentary on the complexities and absurdities of our modern world. Pannell's work is a reflection of her ceaseless pursuit of innovation and her boundless creative vision.

Grant's recent work places emphasis on ceramic sculpture, installation and contemporary collage creations reflecting her values and everyday life. Grant's practice often incorporates collaborative artworks with her children, often made directly in nature from nature. Sustainability, equality and creating inclusive and safe environments is Grant's focal point in life and art work. 

 Image credit: Future Agronomy for Other Worlds by Claire Pannell

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