A young child reaching up to touch a tall, black and yellow puppet of a bee with wings
Enter the immersive world of The Hive, and take part in an interactive, family-friendly experience combining puppet-making and environmental awareness.

About the Event

The Hive is an immersive, buzzing, interactive experience combining puppet making and characterisation workshops, with a live musical puppetry performance. 

Journey through the community world of The Hive, working as a team to create flower and bee puppets, and collect pollen for the Queen Bee. Be amazed as the Queen Bee puppet comes to life, performing and teaching participants her signature waggle dance.

At the end of the performance, participants will receive a piece of fruit, symbolising the fruits of their labour.

The Hive explores themes of connection, teamwork, and sustainability. It teaches young people and adults alike the process of pollination and the importance of the hardworking bees coming together as a community for a common goal.

The Hive information:

Saturday, 15 October, from 10am – 4pm
Sunday, 16 October, from 10am – 4pm


Festival Hub, Eastern Foreshore Reserve

Free event – bookings not required.

The Hive is proudly part of the Mandurah Arts Festival 2022, funded by the City of Mandurah. Immerse yourself in all things arts and culture – 14 to 16 October 2022.


Mandurah Arts Festival wording on a green background, being submerged into light blue




Type of Event

Arts and Culture