Owners of livestock wandering onto public land, roadways or other private property may be liable for any damages or injuries caused. If Rangers impound your livestock you will be liable for poundage fees and any infringements issued.


Wildlife is managed by the Department Of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) who have their own rangers. For more information please visit the DPAW site here.

Local Government Rangers are not trained to capture wildlife but have a list of carers and re-locators that are able to assist. 


What do I do if I see a dead kangaroo?      

Report it to the City’s Customer Services department on (08) 9550 3777 and arrangements will be made for its removal.

What if I find an injured kangaroo?

Rangers can assess whether the kangaroo is able to be assisted medically or not. It may have a Joey in which case we will need to give it to a wildlife carer.

Who are the local wildlife carers/re-locators?

  •  Allison Dixon - 0401 314 701

What do I do if I find a snake in my house or garden?

Rangers can provide you with contact details of a wildlife re-locator who will happily assist.

It is an offence to kill a snake. PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND CAPTURE OR KILL THE SNAKE YOURSELF – this is when many snake bite occur.

Who will capture and relocate the snake?

  • Allison Dixon - 0401 314 701    
  • Dave Inwood (volunteer) - 0437 989 732
  • DPAW Wildcare Helpline - 9474 9055
  • Paul Kenyon, Snakebusters Rockingham (fees apply) - 0439 941 004
  • Paul Sewell, Wannanup, Falcon, Dawesvile areas only (fees apply) - 0400 389 423
  • Alec Milroy, Mandurah (volunteer) - 0409 174 004
  • Kyrah-Dean Amos-Harris (donation requested) - 0452 562 407

What if I have problems with bees?

Do not disturb or agitate the hive or swarm. Leave them alone and call a professional Bee Keeper for hive removal. Swarms are usually there in passing and will move on.

Who do I contact for assistance?

  • Rob - 0417 944 836
  • Ross - 0427 108 506
  • Shane Maddison (Small fee payable which is donated to charity ) (08) 9534 2566 or 0448 899 357

What do I do if I find an injured dolphin?

There are specialised wildlife carers that can assist with dolphins that are in distress or injured. Please do not approach the dolphin as this may distress it further causing additional injuries.

Who do I contact for assistance?

  • Mandurah Dolphin Rescue - 0418 947 626 or 0407 090 284
  • DPAW Wildcare Helpline - (08) 9474 9055

What do I do if I find an injured Seabird?

Avoid handling the injured bird and call a specialised seabird rescuers

Who do I contact for assistance?

  • WA Seabird Rescue - 0418 952 683
  • DPAW Wildcare Helpline - (08) 9474 9055

Ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) are known as the Guardians of the Estuary or Yoondoordo in Noongar.

The Osprey is a fish eating bird of prey that is found on all continents except Antarctica, in many parts of the world they are now an endangered species (although no officially listing in WA- just known as ‘rare).  

Mandurah is lucky enough to have several breeding pairs. You may see them perching on the light poles on estuary bridge or using the tall nest poles on the foreshore in Erskine.

There are four osprey nest poles in Mandurah; 2 in Erskine, 1 at Island Point Reserve Herron and 1 on the Serpentine River in Coodanup on the Frasers Foresore. They are approximately 10-15m high to allow the Osprey a good vantage point overlooking the water. They like to nest on the tallest point in the landscape.

The City of Mandurah maintains these poles, apart from one in Osprey Waters, Erskine which will be maintained by the developers until handover.

There is also a nest on top of a specially constructed platform on a telecommunications tower in Herron. That is maintained by the tower owners.

Please help protect our Ospreys by watching quietly and keeping away from the nest and roosting trees.