The City promotes responsible ownership of cats in our community. Rangers ensure cats are registered, sterilised and microchipped.

Information for cat owners

Where to register? 

Registrations can be completed at the following locations (Monday- Friday). Remember to bring proof of sterilisation (certificate) and your cat's microchip number. Please contact your local veterinarian for costs associated with sterilisation and microchipping.

City Administration Building

3 Peel Street, Mandurah
8.30am – 4.30pm

Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre

Cobblers Road, Falcon 
9.00am – 5.00pm

After registering you will be issued with an identification tag. Cats must wear this plus a collar with name and owners contact number.

Renew registration

Renewing your cat's registration is easy to do by by paying online using BPOINT - Make payment. Alternatively you may visit one of the above locations or phone customer service on 9550 3777.

How much will it cost to register my cat?

  • $20.00 per year
  • $42.50 for 3 years
  • $100.00 for a lifetime

Holders of a Pensioner Concession Card receive a 50% discount on these fees. 

Breeder Registration Fees
  • $100 per cat, per year

No discount applies to these registrations.

Why register?

Cat owners are required by law to have all cats over the age of six months sterilised, microchipped and registered with Local Councils. Registrations are transferable within Western Australia.

The benefits of registration are:

  • Safe and easy identification of your cat
  • Reuniting lost or injured cats quickly with their owners
  • Investigating and resolution of dog related issues
  • Controlling the cat population

Registration periods are from the November 1 to October 31 each year, regardless of the date when the cat is actually registered.

Pay your cat renewal notice with BPOINT

When you move address, relocate an animal or your animal sadly passes away, please advise us of these changes.

Change of animal ownership must be done in writing on an Animal Registration Change of Ownership form and the previous owner of the animal must have signed this form before change of ownership can be completed.

Update your animals details

Visit the animal complaints and reporting page for more information on managing nuisance cats. Also see FAQ’s sheet.

The City of Mandurah encourages responsible cat ownership. If you believe a cat is causing a nuisance on your property, we have cat traps available for use for a $130.00 refundable deposit.

The City of Mandurah Cat Local Law 2019 came in to effect 29 January 2020. This Local Law allows for the City to penalise the owners of nuisance cats. If a cat is trapped and is found to be registered, microchipped & sterilised it will be returned to the registered owner, along with an order to control the nuisance. If the cat is trapped again, a $200 penalty will be issued. If the cat is not registered with Local Government it will be impounded.

For further information, contact the City of Mandurah Ranger Services on 9550 3777 or email

A permit is required under the City of Mandurah Cat Local Law 2019 to keep more than 2 cats

When registering more than 2 cats you must complete the application form naming and describing each animal. Please note there is a $60.00 fee to be paid on application (this is non refundable). If you have any queries regarding the application, please contact or phone 9550 3777 to speak to a customer service officer.

Conditions of the permit are as follows:


(a) each cat kept on the premises to which the permit relates shall comply with the requirements of the Cat Act;

(b) each cat shall be contained on the premises unless under the effective control of a person;

(c) the permit holder will provide adequate space for the exercise of the cats;

(d) the premises shall be maintained in good order and in a clean and sanitary condition; and

(e) Without the consent of the local government, the permit holder will not substitute or replace any cat that is the subject of a permit once that cat—

(i) dies; or

(ii) is permanently removed from the premises.

Duration of a permit

A permit commences on the date of issue and expires—

(a) if it is revoked; or

(b) if the permit holder ceases to reside at the premises to which the permit relates.


The local government may revoke a permit if the permit holder fails to observe any provision of this local law or a condition of a permit.

Permit not transferable

A permit is not transferable either in relation to the permit holder or the premises.

Permit to be kept at premises and available for view

(1) A permit issued by the local government shall be kept at the premises to which it applies and shall be provided to an authorised person on demand.

(2) In the case of a grouped dwelling where there is no suitable dividing fence or multiple dwellings on the same level, the written consent to the application for a permit of the occupier of the adjoining dwellings has been obtained.

Under the Cat Act residents who wish to breed their cat must apply to their local government to be an approved breeder. These permits form part of the Cat Registration form and are valid for the registration period. The applicant must be 18 years or older, has not been convicted in the past 3 years of an offence against the Cat Act 2011, Dog Act 1976 or the Animal Welfare Act 2002, and is a current financial member of one of the following associations:

  • Cat Owners Association of WA
  • Feline Control Council of WA
  • Australian National Cats
  • Cats United WA Incorporated

When a cat is sold, the seller must ensure the cat is microchipped and sterilised before transfer. If the cat cannot be sterilised due to age, a voucher must be issued to the new owner, you can get these from local vets or the Shenton Park Cat Haven. Breeders are not restricted to the amount of cats they own. They must pay the scheduled fee each year for each breeding cat they wish to keep. They cannot register for more than one year at a time. Please refer to the Cat Act Breeders Checklist to help with applying for registration of a breeding cat.

Lost pets

We may have your animal in the pound, or can place it on our missing animal register which is checked when an animal is found by a Ranger or a member of the public. Please check our current impounded animals to see if we have it safe in our pound.

If your animal is not in the pound, please contact Rangers on 9550 3777 to add your details to our Lost Animal Database to help with its safe return.

View impounded animals

Before your animal can be released:

  • Poundage must be paid.
  • Registration must be paid (if not registered).
  • Your animal needs to be microchipped. Pre-paid receipt must be provided for microchipping prior to release.
  • All cats need to be sterilised. A pre-paid receipt must be provided for sterilisation prior to release.
All fees can be paid at the City of Mandurah Administration Offices, 3 Peel Street, Mandurah or by direct arrangement with a Ranger out of business hours by phoning 9550 3777.

$65 poundage, plus $33 per day thereafter.

For further information, contact the City of Mandurah, Ranger Services on 9550 3777 or email

Helpful documents for cat owners

FAQs on cat local laws (PDF - 604.5KB)
Download PDF
Cat collar tips (PDF - 208.2KB)
Download PDF
Cat registration form (PDF - 214.0KB)
Download PDF
Application to keep more than 2 cats (PDF - 925.2KB)
Download PDF
Cat breeders checklist (PDF - 63.9KB)
Download PDF