We promote responsible dog ownership in our community. Rangers ensure dogs are registered, microchipped and are not wandering at large in public places. They regularly patrol all areas and are authorised to investigate and enforce breaches of the Dog Act 1976.

Information on your dog

Where to register?

Registrations can be completed at the following locations (Monday- Friday). Remember to bring proof of sterilisation (certificate) if sterilised and your dog's microchip number. Please contact your local veterinarian for costs associated with sterilisation and microchipping.

City Administration Building

3 Peel Street, Mandurah, 8.30am – 4.30pm

Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre

Cobblers Road, Falcon, 9.00am – 5.00pm

After registering you will be issued with an identification tag. Dogs must wear this plus a collar with name and owners contact number.

Renew registration

Renewing your dogs registration is easy to do by paying online using BPOINT - Make payment. Alternatively you may visit one of the above locations or phone customer service on 9550 3777.

How much will it cost to register my dog?

Sterilised dogs
  • $20.00 per year
  • $42.50 for 3 years
  • $100.00 for lifetime registration
Unsterilised dogs
  • $50.00 per year
  • $120.00 for 3 years
  • $250 for a lifetime

Holders of a Pensioner Concession Card receive a 50% discount on these fees. Please contact your local veterinarian for costs associated with sterilisation and microchipping.

Why register?

Dog owners are required by law to have all dogs over the age of three months microchipped and registered with Local Councils. Registrations are transferable within Western Australia.

The benefits of registration are:

  • Safe and easy identification of your dog
  • Reuniting lost or injured dogs quickly with their owners 
  • Investigating and resolution of dog related issues
  • Encouraging de-sexing of dogs through discounted registration fees

Registration periods are from November 1 to October 31 each year, regardless of the date when the dog is actually registered.

Use BPOINT to pay your renewal notice

When you move address, relocate an animal or your animal sadly passes away, please advise us of these changes.

Change of animal ownership must be done in writing on an Animal Registration Change of Ownership Form and the previous owner of the animal must have signed this form before change of ownership can be completed.

Please Note: It is an offence to sell or give away a dangerous dog (restricted breed).

Update your animals details

Only two dogs are permitted to be kept at any one residence. You may keep puppies until they reach the age of three months. Should you wish to keep more than two dogs please complete the application to keep more than 2 dogs and submit over the counter at the City Administration Building, 3 Peel Street, Mandurah between 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Please note there is a $60.00 fee to be paid on application (this is non refundable). If you have any queries regarding the application, please contact council@mandurah.wa.gov.au or phone 9550 3777 to speak to a customer service officer.

Download the application to keep more than 2 dogs

Dangerous dog (declared)

A dangerous dog (declared) is a dog who:

  • Has caused injury or damage by an attack on, or chasing, a person, animal or vehicle.
  • Has repeatedly shown a tendency to attack, chase a person, vehicle or animal even though no injury has been caused by the behaviour, or to threaten to attack
  • Is a commercial security dog

There may also be other behaviour that meets the criteria to declare a dog ‘dangerous’.

Dangerous Dog (restricted breed)

A dangerous Dog (restricted breed) is a dog that is prohibited under the Dog (Restricted Breed) Regulation 2006 which includes Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, dogo Argentio, fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa and Presa Canario. They may also be either mixed breed that visibly contain any of the above prohibited breeds.
Learn more by downloading the dangerous dogs brochure
Use the dog exercise area map, providing you with safe locations to exercise your canine companion.
View the dog exercise area map online

Dog poo in any public place is not only offensive in smell and appearance, but carries a huge risk of disease and infection.

Dog poo can infect adults and children with:

  • Worms
  • Bacterial infections
  • Protozoan infections (germs that breed in moisture)

All can cause significant illness

Dogs can contract diseases from infected poos such as:

  • Canine parvovirus
  • Canine hepatitis
  • Distemper
  • Canine gastroenteritis
  • Bacterial and viral infections

Most are highly contagious and often fatal (especially for puppies). If the poo isn’t picked up and breaks down in the soil, some of these diseases can be present in that soil for up to two years.

Dog owners are responsible for picking up after their dogs and we encourage you to carry your own poo bags. Failure to pick up after your dog in public may result in a fine of $100. 

Learn more with our pick it up brochure

There is a legal obligation on dog owners to pick up after their dogs whilst in public areas. The City has provided dog poo bag dispensers on a number of public bins throughout the City. The dog poo bags are only replenished when the bin is collected and the City does not provide any guarantee that the dispenser will always contain dog poo bags.

Dog poo bags are provided by the City to assist dog owners but it is their responsibility to ensure they always have dog poo bags on hand where walking their dog. Dog poo bags can also be purchased at retail outlets.

The City has moved towards the supply of compostable dog poo bags at our bins. Compostable bags are significantly more expensive than single use dog poo bags, but they provide many environmental benefits.

Some of the benefits of compostable dog poop bags include:

  • Reduces contributions to landfill.
  • Does not leach or leave behind toxic chemicals.
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing.
  • Lower water and energy consumption during manufacturing.
  • Safe for humans, animals, wildlife, and the environment.
  • Provide great fertilizer when composted correctly.


Why aren’t the dog poo bags on public bins replenished more often?

Dog poo bags are replenished by our waste contractor on a weekly basis when they empty the bin. It is important to note that the obligation to supply dog poo bags rests with the dog owner and the City provides this service to assist dog owners in meeting their obligations of picking up after their dogs.

Why don't all public bins have dog poo bags?

Due to the significant expense involved in purchasing dispensers and the ongoing costs of supplying bags. The City has over 800 public bins throughout the City and the cost to supply bags to every bin is very significant.

Dog owners are responsible for supplying dog waste bags when walking their dog, however, the City provides a supply of dog poo bags to public bins to assist dog owners in the case that they may not have a bag available. Dog poo bags are readily available from large retail outlets in Mandurah.

Please visit our animal complaints and reporting page for more information.

For further information, contact the City of Mandurah, Ranger Services on 9550 3777 or email ranger.admin@mandurah.wa.gov.au.

Visit the animal complaints and reporting page

Lost pets

We may have your animal in the pound, or can place it on our missing animal register which is checked when an animal is found by a Ranger or a member of the public. Please check our current impounded animals to see if we have it safe in our pound.

If your animal is not in the pound, please contact Rangers on 9550 3777 to add your details to our Lost Animal Database to help with its safe return.

View impounded animals

Before your animal can be released:

  • Poundage must be paid.
  • Registration must be paid (if not registered).
  • Your animal needs to be microchipped. Pre-paid receipt must be provided for microchipping prior to release.
  • All cats need to be sterilised. A pre-paid receipt must be provided for sterilisation prior to release.
All fees can be paid at the City of Mandurah Administration Offices, 3 Peel Street, Mandurah or by direct arrangement with a Ranger out of business hours by phoning 9550 3777.

$65 poundage, plus $33 per day thereafter.

For further information, contact the City of Mandurah, Ranger Services on 9550 3777 or email ranger.admin@mandurah.wa.gov.au

Helpful resources for dog owners

Dog exercise areas (PDF - 6.3MB)
Download PDF
Pick it up (PDF - 4.3MB)
Download PDF
Dealing with dog waste at home (PDF - 2.1MB)
Download PDF
Dog registration form (PDF - 71.6KB)
Download PDF
Animal registration change of ownership form (PDF - 38.3KB)
Download PDF
Application to keep more than 2 dogs (PDF - 562.1KB)
Download PDF
Responding to dog attacks (PDF - 959.4KB)
Download PDF
Dangerous dogs brochure (PDF - 108.3KB)
Download PDF
Infringement Withdrawal Request (PDF - 170.4KB)
Download PDF