Reporting hoon behaviour and dangerous driving

In partnership with the WA Police, the City aims to provide you with support and information about who to report any hooning behaviour or dangerous driving to. 

If you have any concerns about hoon behaviour or dangerous driving in your community, you should contact the WA Police.

All reports are treated confidentially. You can complete a traffic complaint form or phone the WA Police Administration Centre on 131 444 for help.

What to report:

  • Description of behaviour; eg. speeding, drag racing, burnouts etc.
  • Description of driver
  • Day and time of behaviour
  • Where the behavior occurred
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle make, model; eg. Holden Commodore
  • Vehicle colour

Do not put yourself at risk when trying to gather evidence.

Remember, the only way a hoon may be convicted, if WA Police do not witness the incident, is for you to attend court. If you are not willing to attend Court, your report can help establish a pattern of behaviour that could lead to charges being laid.