Have you found a syringe in a public area and want to know what to do?

  • Don’t be alarmed
  • Find a strong rigid-walled plastic container with a lid
  • Bring the container to the syringe
  • Pick up the syringe by the blunt end (away from the sharp point)
  • DO NOT hold the container when you are putting the syringe in
  • DO NOT try to put the protective cap back on the needle
  • Place the needle and syringe point first into the container
  • Make sure the container lid is tightly sealed
  • Put the container in a domestic rubbish bin
  • DO NOT put syringes down toilets, in recycling bins or post boxes

If you are uncomfortable disposing of the syringe please contact the City.

Is there an unfit/derelict property near you?

All properties are required to be maintained to a minimum standard . 

These standards relate to such things as maintaining:

  • roofs and guttering in a sound weatherproof condition
  • footings, foundations and walls
  • all pipes, fittings and fixtures connected with water supply
  • drainage/sewage in working order

If you have concerns with an unfit, damaged or derelict property please complete and submit a service request form to the City.

What are the rules for smoking in public places?

As a general rule smoking in enclosed public places and licensed premises is banned, this also applies to certain outdoor public places:

  • Between the flags at patrolled beaches
  • Within 10 metres of any children’s playground equipment
  • In or on a vehicle where a child under 17 is present
  • In outdoor eating areas unless a smoking zone

Responsibility of business owners:

  • Display no smoking signs in entry to liquor licensed premises
  • Prevent smoke entering enclosed public places

If you have concerns about smoking in public places please complete and submit a service request form to Health Services. 
For information about quitting smoking visit Quit Now.

Documents on other common issues

Holiday home complaint handling procedure (PDF - 194.6KB)
Download PDF