There are many ways to make paying your rates easier...


Ways to pay your rates

You can pay your rates online now at BPOINT.

Before you do, please make sure you have your latest rates notice handy. This is important because: 

  • You will need to quote your assessment number.
  • Payment needs to be the exact amount shown as due and payable or, if you are paying by instalments, the exact amount of the instalment option. 


Pay your rates by BPAY via internet or phone banking. Please refer to your rates notice for your BPAY reference number. You can also sign up to BPAY View and get future rates notices sent straight to your online or mobile bank.

Post Billpay

Pay your rates via Australia Post's Post Billpay.


Rates smoothing makes it easier to manage your rates bill. It works by 'spreading' or 'smoothing' your rates payments across smaller, more manageable payments. Rates smoothing is paid by direct debit, from a cheque or savings account, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. This is a pre-paid method that commences in April and finishes in March of the following year. There are no additional fees incurred when paying your rates by Rates Smoothing.

Rates smoothing is offered as an alternative way to pay your rates, if you prefer you can still pay by traditional payment methods upon receiving your rates notice. 

Important information:

  • Smoothing the payment of your rates over the year can make the process easier for you.
  • Rates smoothing continues until you contact us and advise you wish to cancel.
  • The Rates team will vary your amount from time to time, to ensure your repayments cover the balance. You will be advised in regards to any changes to your repayments.
  • Applications must be completed and returned to the City of Mandurah as soon as possible.
  • Applications are required by March to commence your pre-payment of rates in April for the financial year ahead.
Download the Rates Smoothing application form

Payment can be made by credit card by phoning 13 18 16. Payment can be made 24 hours a day, every day. 

Please have your rates notice with you when paying by phone.

You can pay your rates in person at the City of Mandurah Administration Building located at 3 Peel Street, Mandurah between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. 

You can also pay your rates at Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre located on the corner of Flavia Street and Cobblers Avenue, Falcon between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Cashless payments are preferred. The rates notice should be presented intact when making a payment.

Payment arrangement

If you are having trouble paying your rates you can apply for a payment arrangement. The outstanding balance is then paid on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Payments must cover the amount of the rates as well as applicable interest and administration fees.

The City of Mandurah will try to work with you to set up a suitable payment arrangement to clear your debt. We are here to help you in any way we can.

For more information please contact the Rates team on 9550 3745.

Direct debit

Payment by direct debit is very similar to a payment arrangement, however we set up a direct debit and automate the process, rather than physical payments having to be made. The outstanding balance is still paid on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and payments still cover the amount of the rates as well as applicable interest however no administration fees are incurred when paying by direct debit.

For more information please contact the Rates team on 9550 3745.


Cheques or money orders should be made payable to City Of Mandurah and posted to City of Mandurah, PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210. 

When paying by mail please ensure you detach the ‘ways to pay your account’ slip and include it in the envelope.

Australia Post

Payment is accepted at all Australia Post offices in the state. Payment must be made by the due date and the notice presented intact at time of payment. 


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Receive your rates notice electronically

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