What is Transform Mandurah?

Transform Mandurah is a program of projects that align to the Mandurah Matters 20-Year Strategic Community Plan 2020 – 2040, designed to ultimately improve education and employment opportunities for residents in Mandurah.

The program focuses primarily on infrastructure development, private sector development, human capital development and hospitality and tourism.

What work has been done so far?

In 2022, the City of Mandurah in conjunction with the WA State Government (through the Peel Development Commission) undertook an economic analysis to identify Mandurah’s existing economic advantages and disadvantages, relevant global drivers likely to influence change, and future economic opportunities for Mandurah.

The Transform Mandurah Economic Opportunities Report identified eight opportunities to help transform Mandurah’s economy, with the realisation of each opportunity dependent on the implementation of various policy, infrastructure, and investment activities.

Our Transform Mandurah team will be working with internal and external stakeholders, including the private sector, to capitalise on these opportunities and overcome Mandurah’s challenges.

In line with the eight Transform Mandurah opportunities, the City has a number of key land assets throughout Mandurah that have been identified for City Growth or Investment opportunities. If you are seeking to invest in Mandurah and are looking for a suitable location, check out the City's Property Strategy or Property Strategy - Land Asset Portfolio Summary for more information.

View Property Strategy   View Property Strategy - Land Asset Portfolio Summary

If you are looking for opportunities in Mandurah, get in touch with the Transform Mandurah team via email or call 08 9550 3777.

What is next? 

In line with the eight opportunities, the report also outlined a long list of potential projects that could help lead the transformation. In addition to the major projects that we’re currently working on, the City has assessed almost 80 potential projects against multiple criteria, which will be refined down to a list of potential projects that will have the biggest impact on our economy.    

Our data tells us that these projects could have a significant impact on our local economy – creating up to 3,400 full-time equivalent jobs and adding an estimated $1.5b to our local economy over the next decade.

More information to come on mandurahmatters.com.au.

Opportunities identified for Mandurah 

The eight opportunities identified to help transform Mandurah’s economy are summarised below. 

These opportunities represent high-level objectives for Mandurah’s future economic development, but the realisation of each opportunity is dependent on the implementation of potentially many various policy, infrastructure, and investment activities. 

Mandurah offers highly appealing lifestyle opportunities, combining proximity to the coast, waterways and Perth CBD, its abundance of built and natural assets, and relatively affordable living. Mandurah can leverage its lifestyle offering to accelerate other economic opportunities – such as attracting a larger white-collar workforce – but this will require investment in enabling infrastructure.


The hospitality sector is often viewed as a stepping-stone to a career rather than a career in itself. This creates a transient workforce, which in WA, often manifests in skills and labour shortages. Mandurah has an opportunity to build a hub of world class training and education providers in the hospitality sector, leveraging on its existing workforce and tourism assets to train locally as well as coordinating applied learning and skills development across the hospitality sectors of the Peel and South West regions.

Mandurah’s lifestyle attraction means it has one of the oldest populations in WA. This creates a significant aged care need in the region. Mandurah can capitalise on its older population, its existing presence of aged care service providers and aged care training specialisms at Mandurah’s South Metropolitan TAFE campus to train the aged-care workforce of the future.

Blue collar technology refers to the growing share of mid-skill maintenance tasks that are changing due to new technology. Developing Mandurah as a Blue Collar hub positions it to capitalise on an emerging industry and potentially reduce the likelihood of structural unemployment for semi-skilled workers. 

The digitalisation of healthcare provides an opportunity for Mandurah to become a centre of innovation in healthcare delivery, focusing on telehealth and other innovative and holistic care models that deliver services more effectively to the community.

Innovative social interventions can be utilised in improving employment and life outcomes for disadvantaged residents. Under this opportunity, Mandurah could be a leader in the testing and/or implementation of holistic social interventions aimed at tackling the root causes of social and economic disadvantage.


Supporting cost-effective decarbonisation and climate adaptation of industry in Mandurah should have positive environmental and economic outcomes and make us more resilient to the future impacts of climate change.

Promoting business development within Mandurah and supporting the relocation of professional workers to Mandurah should enhance economic growth and diverse industries in the future.


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Transform MandurahThe City is delivering a program of projects focused on economic diversification, revitalisation and community capacity building designed to transform the economy and improve education and employment opportunities for our community.