What is Transform Mandurah?

Transform Mandurah is a program of projects focused on economic diversification, revitalisation and community capacity building designed to transform the economy and improve education and employment opportunities for residents in Mandurah.

The program consists of two stages, of which the first is the Foundation Stage, focused on infrastructure development to provide a basis for growth, including public amenity, office and industrial spaces, and transport accessibility.

The second stage is the Growth Stage, focused on:
1. Private Sector Development, including creating a supportive regulatory environment, coordinated business support services, and investment and new business attraction;
2. Human Capital, including supporting primary and secondary education services, expanding education and training pathways (apprenticeships, VET and HE) and enhancing community support services to tackle intergenerational unemployment; and
3. Hospitality and tourism, including delivering an ongoing events and activations program, and Visit Mandurah activities and campaigns.

We have undertaken an economic analysis to support the second stage of Transform Mandurah and as part of this analysis, identified Mandurah’s existing economic advantages and disadvantages, relevant global drivers likely to influence change, and future economic opportunities for Mandurah.

These opportunities represent high-level objectives for Mandurah’s future economic development, but the realisation of each opportunity is dependent on the implementation of potentially many various policy, infrastructure, and investment activities. The eight opportunities identified to help transform Mandurah’s economy are summarised below.

View the Transform Mandurah Stage 2 Economic Opportunities Report.

Mandurah has had massive population growth over the past couple of decades and is now the largest city in WA outside of Perth with a population of over 90,000. That sort of population growth does change the dynamic and the complexity of a place like Mandurah, and we're always conscious of that.

Some of the challenges Mandurah is facing now includes, but are not limited to:
Mandurah’s unemployed are largely concentrated in and around the city centre where one in five residents are dependent on social payments
Mandurah’s existing education and training system is geared towards non-university pathways and almost 50% of Year 12 Students opted for a VET pathway in 2020
The low uptake of tertiary education is reflected in the nature of employment by industry
The region’s occupational mix also reflects the nature of its education pathways with a lower number of professional, scientific, and technical service workers

But Mandurah’s challenges are not unique or unsolvable, and we are committing to resources like we have never done before to ensure we get Mandurah to where we need and want it to be. With the right support from State and Commonwealth government, as well as the private sector, these projects could have a significant impact on our local economy – creating up to 3,400 full-time equivalent workers and adding an estimated $1.5b to our local economy by 2032-33.

Our Transform Mandurah team will be working with internal and external stakeholders, including the private sector, to capitalise on these opportunities and overcome Mandurah’s challenges.
If you are looking for opportunities in Mandurah, get in touch with the Transform Mandurah team via email or call 08 9550 3777.

Opportunities identified for Mandurah

Mandurah offers highly appealing lifestyle opportunities, combining proximity to the coast and waterways, open and green spaces, and relatively affordable living. Under this opportunity, Mandurah becomes the location of choice within Western Australia for people determining their place of residence and work based on lifestyle factors. Already a popular location for older cohorts to retire to, this opportunity would involve appealing to a wider demographic – including professionals and working families.

Almost nine-in-10 of the next billion middle-class consumers across the globe are forecast to reside in China, India, and the remainder of south and south-east Asia. The Australian hospitality industry is set to reap the benefits. Under this opportunity, Mandurah becomes home to a hub of world-class training and education providers in the hospitality sector, leveraging the new South Metropolitan TAFE Hospitality facility, its existing workforce and tourism assets to train locally as well as coordinating applied learning and skills development across the hospitality sectors of the Peel, Perth, and Southwest regions.

Nearly 27 per cent of Australia’s population (8.1 million people) are expected to be aged over 60 years by 2040, representing a rise of 46 per cent from 2020 – or 2.6 million more people. Under this opportunity, Mandurah takes a leading role in expanded training to address significant forecast shortages of skilled labour in the aged care sector, both within the region but also elsewhere in WA and across Australia.

As the resources sector accelerates its adoption of technology, there is a growing need for ‘Blue Collar Tech’ or Digital Trades workers and related service providers. Under this opportunity, Mandurah positions itself as a hub for ‘Blue Collar Tech’ businesses and training opportunities, leveraging both its large existing labour pool of technicians, trades workers, and machinery operators and the significant presence of engineering and manufacturing businesses in the Mandurah region.

The digitisation of healthcare is revolutionising the healthcare industry, enabling lower cost of service, better diagnostic and greater choice in treatment. Under this opportunity, Mandurah becomes the centre of innovation in healthcare service delivery in Western Australia, capitalising on improvements in technology (such as telehealth) or alternative care models that allow services to be delivered remotely or more effectively in the community.

Inequality of wealth, power, and opportunity – and the effects these have on community, economy, and politics – is highly prevalent in society today. Innovative social interventions can be utilised in Mandurah to improve employment and life outcomes for disadvantaged residents. Under this opportunity, Mandurah would be a local government area for testing alternative and more holistic social interventions aimed at tackling the root causes of social and economic disadvantage while aiming to create cost efficiencies for Government.

As climate change continues, natural disasters and abnormal weather patterns will increasingly have unprecedented effects on all aspects of our economy and everyday lives. Under this opportunity, Mandurah takes on the role of regional leader in the effort to decarbonise heavy industry in Western Australia and to make industry and infrastructure more resilient to future impacts of climate change.

COVID-19 has caused policy makers and businesses alike to re-think the traditional CBD commuter model of work, as well as the future of urbanisation and broader knowledge worker trend. Under this opportunity, Mandurah could capitalise on transitioning ways of work to increase the number of professional workers in the region, which has typically been concentrated in trade, manufacturing, and agriculture jobs. This includes the co-location of government workers within Mandurah and the possible relocation of agencies from the Perth metropolitan area in future.

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Transform MandurahThe City is delivering a program of projects focused on economic diversification, revitalisation and community capacity building designed to transform the economy and improve education and employment opportunities for our community.