Extensive consultation with our local community and stakeholders in 2018 set the vision and priorities for the upgrade of key precincts in Mandurah's City Centre.

The aim of the Waterfront project is to deliver an iconic Mandurah foreshore precinct for people to meet, play and rest. Investing in a vibrant City Centre will support local tourism and create local jobs for long term economic well-being.

The redevelopment plans include a new Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct, Eastern Foreshore South Precinct and Eastern Foreshore North-Central Precinct.

Connecting the City Centre with the Waterfront is Smart Street Mall, which will also be transformed into a vibrant and welcoming pedestrian street.

The project is underway with the first stage of the project now complete. This includes the Eastern Foreshore South Precinct, featuring Kwillena Gabi Pool, the Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct, including Mandurah Skate Park and Koolaanga Waabiny Playground, as well as phase one of the Smart Street Mall upgrades. 

Project funding partners include the State and Federal Governments, and the City of Mandurah. $10 million has been committed by the State Government as part of its Plan for Peel and $7 million from the Federal Government. This funding will contribute to delivering the proposals for the Eastern Foreshore South Precinct and the Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct, which commenced in mid-2020 and will continue to 2023. The City of Mandurah's contribution of $5 million to the project will contribute to delivering the proposals for the Smart Street Precint.

For more information about the stakeholder engagement process, visit our Mandurah Waterfront Project page on Mandurah Matters.

Project updates

The Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct plan includes a large scale Play Space and a destination level Skate and Activity Space with supporting recreation facilities and social spaces.

The Skate and Activity Space was opened to the public in late 2020, new toilets were opened in April 2021 and the Play Space is on track to be opened in 2022. The final Play Space master plan is complete and can be viewed on the Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct page.

The final design boasts both family favourites and newly imagined play equipment.

A 12-metre high play tower, with ramp access to 3 metres, is inspired by the local Sheoak tree and will take centre stage of the world-class play area, which will also comprise a swing zone, climbing zone, sand and music play zones, balancing logs, spinning carousel and human hamster wheel.

Excitingly, the Meeting Place artwork, originally part of the Mandurah Bridge project, is now complete and open to the public.

Project timeline

Mid 2020 - Existing skate park demolished and site works commenced

Late 2020 - Mandurah Skate Park completed and opened to the public

Early 2021 - New toilet block completed

Late 2021 - The ‘Meeting Place’ artwork completed

Late 2022 - Western Foreshore (Koolaanga Waabiny) Playground and rest of reserve upgrades completed


Read more on the Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct project page

The Eastern Foreshore North and Central Renewal is now underway.

In this phase of works, the City will be focusing on the central and northern areas of the Eastern Foreshore.  This includes the area from the Mandurah Visitor Centre at the northern end of the foreshore heading south to the newly constructed toilet block. 

The aim is to create safe, accessible, and inclusive spaces for people to meet, play and rest. As part of this vision, the renewal will include the following key features:

  • A new all-abilities playground, fenced for safety and security.
  • Upgraded lighting for safety and activation of the area, meeting the current Australian standards,
  • The parking layout will be adjusted to include a drop-off / pick-up area.
  • New barbecues, picnic tables and seating.
  • A central grassed space will offer room for informal recreation and open-air events.
  • The paved access pathways will also be widened and levelled to improve accessibility throughout the area.
  • Increased shade along the water's edge, making it more comfortable for visitors during hot weather.

From June 4, access to the central and northern end of the Eastern Foreshore, including the existing playground, will be restricted as construction works start.  A staged re-opening will begin in November with overall completion by Crab Fest 2025.

Businesses in the area remain open. The City encourages the community to keep supporting these local businesses throughout the project.

For more information visit our Eastern Foreshore North and Central project page

The Eastern Foreshore South Precinct plan includes an enclosed swimming area in the location of the historical ‘Robert Day Memorial Pool’ with iconic circular floating jetty platform, terraced steps and ramp to access the water and adjacent shade and seating. In addition to the pool, the beach area will be upgraded with ramp access, jetty and boat parking facilities, and grass and paved activity space connecting the foreshore and City Centre.

While the full project won’t be complete and officially opened until the middle of 2023, the new circular estuary pool – Kwillena Gabi Pool - was opened to the public just in time for Christmas 2021.

While the pool will be open for public use, the surrounding reserve upgrades are still being finalised, including landscaping and seating. Other works on the Eastern Foreshore will continue into 2023, including the replacement of the nearby toilet block, the inclusion of Changing Places amenity and associated landscape works and barbecue and picnic node, which is expected to start August-September 2023.

Project timeline

Late 2020 - Town jetty and adjacent groyne removed

Late 2020 - Estuary Pool construction commenced

Late 2020 - Government Jetty completed

Early 2021 - Tuckey Lane Jetty completed

Late 2021 – Kwillena Gabi Pool open to the public

Late 2022 - Eastern Foreshore South Precinct completion (excluding toilets)

For more information visit our Eastern Foreshore South Precinct project page

Smart Street Mall is receiving a complete infrastructure upgrade, with a new refreshed look and feel. The plans include paving, feature lighting, tree planting, and shelter canopies.

The remaining works were initially deferred due to an exciting development application for the corner of Smart Street and Mandurah Terrace. This decision was made to ensure that new development ties into the current design.

After meetings with the developer, the City was able to recommence the works to complete the bottom (western) end of Smart Street Mall. This will ensure that the bottom end of the Mall ties in with the look and feel of the upgraded top end (Sholl Street side) and complete the connection across Mandurah Terrace with the Eastern Foreshore and Kwillena Gabi Pool.

Two shelters are proposed to be installed in late 2023 along with additional seating to the planter walls.

Project timeline

Mid 2020 - Works commence

Late 2021 – Phase one (top end of pedestrian mall) of project completed

Mid 2022 – Phase two (bottom end of pedestrian mall and shared vehicle/pedestrian access) of project to commence

Late 2023 - Smart Street Mall upgrades to be completed

For more information visit our Smart Street Precinct project page

Project bulletin

The current Eastern Foreshore toilet is being replaced with a new facility, designed to maximise safety and provide a new facility that is highly functional, inclusive, and aesthetically pleasing to our community.  The facility will have a 'changing place' space to be used by our disabled community, two universal access toilets and five unisex cubicles.

Over the last few years, the City has moved away from the separate male and female toilet layout, as these open spaces can unfortunately provide a congregation area for anti-social behaviours. Instead, we have moved towards individual unisex cubicles with a central hand wash basin in the front of the facility. This design can be seen in the new toilet block on the Western Foreshore. This style and construction of individual unisex toilets has become very popular with local governments in WA and Australia over the last few years.

At the City, we do our best to adopt strong Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) features in our designs.  CPTED is a strategy that is adapted by local governments across Australia and focuses on reducing opportunities for crime through the design of buildings and public areas. These features focus on visibility and lighting. For visibility in the new toilet block design we have moved to individual unisex cubicles all in a row and opening from the front of the toilet.   This design makes sure that there is substantial lighting at the entrance and also features CCTV cameras located on all four corners of the building.

Design methods from CPTED that we have utilised include:

  • Positioning in a public accessible location with good sight lines and guardianship - Open location, highly visible, well lit
  • Unisex facilities that open directly to public space afford the best protection from vandalism and undesirable behaviour.
  • The toilets are not designed to be a place that encourages gathering.
  • Clear view into the toilet in ways that do not breach privacy.
  • Vandal-proof interior and exterior construction
  • No entry vestibule (no loitering area)
  • Robust and easy to clean construction
  • Wash facilities outside the toilet in public space

Through our internal procurement process, the City has engaged a reputable architect who has designed the building to both complement and fit in well with the surrounding landscape. Our aim is to provide a safe, inclusive toilet facility while maintaining a minimal sized footprint.

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Funding partners

Australian Government
Government of Western Australia
Peel Development Commission