We have a 50 metre outdoor pool, indoor leisure pool with kids' water playground, indoor 25 metre program pool and wellness centre with spa and sauna

Our aquatic facilities also include:

  • Family change rooms
  • Male/female change rooms
  • Dedicated adult accessible change room
  • On deck showers
  • Stadium seating
  • Barbeques
  • Water fountains
  • Outdoor sun lounges and beanbags (weather permitting)
  • Disabled facilities to all pools (ramps, aqua wheelchairs and hoists)
  • Café

For hours of operation, please visit the Opening hours page.

NOTICE: The indoor 25m pool at Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre is now closed due to roof damage. There is limited space in the leisure pool due to programming. Contact us to check availability. The pool will remain closed until further notice. More information: Pool Closure news article

The Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre is an endorsed Watch Around Water facility.

Watch Around Water is an education and public awareness raising program to address the growing concern regarding supervision of young children at public swimming pools.

The Watch Around Water rules:

  • Children under 5 years must be accompanied into the centre by a responsible adult (16 years and over) and supervised within arm's reach at all times.
  • Children under 12 years must be accompanied into the centre by a responsible adult (16 years and over)  and supervised within line of sight at all times.
If you have a child who is  under 5 years, please place a Watch around Water band on both their wrist and on the responsible adult.
We have reusable wristbands available at reception, or see our friendly lifeguards.

These bands tell our lifeguards your child's age and helps them to ensure you are within an arm's reach of your child at all times.
  • The centre has an Adult accessible changeroom, with adjustable hand basin, hoist and wash down bed
  • 4 x Wet wheelchairs and ramps to all pools
  • A portable hoist for all pools and spa
Learn more about access and inclusion initiatives, programs and support at the City
We are proud to host many fantastic events at the Mandurah Recreation Centres.

At times these events do affect what pool space is available to the community. As we know what events are booked in, we will post updates here.

Would you like to host your event here? Our facilities bookings team are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Swimming Carnivals

We host a number of local schools for their swimming carnivals during term one, each year.

Pool availability is affected from February to April, when the schedule is confirmed we will add it here.

Our 25m pool will be closed to the public on Thursday 29 April 2021 from 9.00am - 2.30pm due to a swimming carnival.


Upcoming Events Affecting Pool Space Availability

Please note there will be minimal lane availability on the below dates and times due to programming: 

12 November 2021: 9.00am - 3.00pm
28 November 2021: 7.30am - 2.00pm 

NOTICE: Due to ceiling damage, the program pool at the MARC will be closed until further notice.

The program pool has

  • 8 x 25 metre lap lanes
  • Depth from 1.1 to 1.4 metres
  • Temperature 29.5 degrees
  • Ramp and hoist access
  • Water aerobic classes

Please note that there will be no pool space available in the leisure pool between 9-11am Monday - Friday due to programming for the next 2 weeks, until Friday 27 August.  We apologise for the inconvenience.

The Indoor Leisure pool has:

  • 4 x 25 metre lanes
  • Interactive children’s play area with beach entry
  • Seated spa area
  • Exercise area with handrails
  • Ramp and hoist access
  • A "Learn to Swim" area for our Swim School
  • Depth 800mm to 1.1 metres
  • Temperature 31 to 32 degrees

Kids Pirate Water Playground

The pirate ship is designed to activate your child's enjoyment of the water with fountains, a slide and dumping bucket.

Operating Hours

Our Pirate Playground will be open on demand over the School Holiday Period.

Please note that this is subject to staffing.

Our outdoor 50 metre pool has:
  • 8 x 50 metre lap lanes

  • A moveable boom to separate into 2 x 25m pools

  • Depth from 1.2 to 2 metres

  • Temperature 27 to 28 degrees

  • Ramp and hoist access

  • Undercover grandstand seating

  • Deep water aerobics

50-metre Pool Boom Movement Schedules

The 50m pool summer hours return on 11 October 2021. The pool will close at the following times:

  • Mondays - Thursdays: 9.00pm
  • Fridays: 8.30pm
  • Saturdays - Sundays: 6pm

The centre has two constant flow inflatables. 

The Aquatron is suitable for ages 5 - 12 years and under the height of 160cm. It is available in either the program and outdoor pool.

The MARCzilla is for ages 8 years and above and under the height of 180cm. It is only available in the outdoor pool.

We also have two sealed inflatables called George the Dragon and Gary the Gecko. They can be found in either the indoor or outdoor pools.

Our wellness centre is restricted to patrons 16 years and above.

It has a spa set at 36 degrees and dry sauna.

Wellness Centre Conditions of Use

  1. All patrons within the Wellness Centre must have their appropriate pass (wristband, key fob or receipt)
  2. All patrons must be over the age of 16 years
  3. Pregnant women are not permitted in the Wellness Centre
Please review our current extra guidelines for the use of the Wellness Centre, due to WA State Government COVID-19 Guidelines: 
  1. The area is open to Wellness Centre members only 
  2. Please adhere to capacity limits: Sauna: 4 patrons, Spa: 6 patrons 
  3. Please do not enter the wellness centre if this capacity is already reached
  4. Please be respectful of the 20 minute time limit in the Wellness Centre 
  5. Remember to be courteous to other patrons
  6. Please respect our staff 
  7. Staff have the right to ask any patron to leave the Wellness Centre if they are not following the guidelines


  1. Maximum duration permitted in the spa is 20 minutes
  2. Do not submerge head underwater
  3. No jumping or rough play
  4. Patrons must shower off after use


  1. Maximum duration permitted in sauna is 20 minutes
  2. Nothing is to be put onto the sauna rocks
  3. All patrons must use and sit on a towel
  4. Patrons must shower off after use


Mermaid Tail Guideline _ Release form (PDF - 154.2KB)
Download PDF