Our Swim and Survive program provides a fantastic progression to squad swimming and gives your child a skill for life

Our Learn-to-Swim program is based on age and ability.  We focus on developing skills and correct technique in all strokes with an emphasis on water safety and survival.

What they'll learn!

  • Water safety skills and knowledge
  • All 4 competitive strokes as well as survival strokes
  • An excellent form of low impact exercise for the whole body
  • Heaps of fun
  • Builds confidence and fitness

Maximum Practice time

Our instructors recommend taking lessons twice a week for every child whenever possible. This doubles the amount of time your child can develop their skills and get to practice them in the water - this can assist in making faster progress!

Kids swim programs

Use our easy booking procedure. Once you are booked into lessons, you remain in that class until you move up a level or need to stop for any reason.

Book online by:

  • Read through our class descriptions and choose the level that best suits your child’s age and ability
  • View the class schedule
  • Use the filter to see available classes
  • Register or log onto your RecOnline account and proceed with booking
  • Complete enrolment details
  • Pay the upfront pro-rata fee of 2 weeks and enter Direct Debit details (you can use either bank details or credit card whichever you prefer)
  • Collect your entry FOB and welcome bag and you are ready to go!

Give us a call or book online for a swimming assessment. This is the best way to determine the correct level for your child.

This is completely free and takes around 15 minutes. Have a chat with our teacher, grab any paperwork required and stay for a play afterwards. 

Then just head to our friendly reception staff to find a class at the best time to suit you!

Prices per week

Learn to swim stages, 30 minute lesson
One class per week: $16.00
Additional weekly lesson: $12.80

Swim Squads, 60 minutes
One class per week: $16.00
Additional weekly lesson: $12.80

Junior lifeguard club, 60 minutes
One class per week: $16.00

Payment is taken via direct debit on a fortnightly basis.


Private lessons
15 minutes: $42.00
30 minutes: $60.00

Special needs private lesson
15 minutes: $22.00
30 minutes: $38.00

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Sees our swimmers progress from complete beginners (with dry heads) to floats, glides and the introduction of flutter kicking. Safety and survival skills are also introduced.


See our swimmers progress to increased distance in glides and kicking, introduction of freestyle arms, backstroke arms and breaststroke kick. Safety and survival skills are increased.

Learn about the different levels and what skills they cover


Our swimmers will now be attempting to recognised freestyle, backstroke, survival backstroke and breaststroke. Distances are increased as they progress through levels. Safety and survival skills are also included.


Our swimmers will now be able to swim laps of freestyle, backstroke, and survival backstroke. Breaststroke timing is learnt and distances increased. Butterfly is also now being introduced. Before moving on they will be able to do a dive entry and swim 150m continuous swim using all strokes. Survival skills are advanced

Learn about the different levels and what skills they cover

Sword Fish 

Our swimmers should now be able to swim up to 300m continuously, swim butterfly and do tumble turns. Sidestroke is introduced and perfected. Safety knowledge is advanced and they will be able to perform basic cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Royal Life Saving Society Higher Stages and Rescue Awards

Higher Stages 10, 11 and 12

Swim and Survive links the skills of swimming and diving treading water, the uses of personal flotation devices and how to escape a capsized boat. Swimming and survival abilities are extended in these levels

Learn about the different levels and what skills they cover

Royal Lifesaving Society Higher Stages and Rescue Awards

Rescue Awards 13, 14 and 15

Introduce and develop skills and knowledge of safe water rescue and survival.

Learn about the different levels and what skills they cover

Teen Swim  

This class has been created for older students 10 to 18 years who have not been acquainted with the aquatic environment and are at a beginner or intermediate level. Students are able to learn with others their own age to develop skills relevant to their needs.  Teachers will tailor the class to suit the level of each individual.

  • Teen Swim 1 - Beginners
  • Teen Swim 2 - Intermediate 
  • Teen Swim 3 - Advanced 

Junior Lifeguard Club

The Junior Lifeguard Club offers a unique aquatic alternative for those who love the water, want to be challenged and want more than just lessons.

Day: Tuesdays 
Time: 3.40pm - 4.40pm
Cost: $15 per week (on a fortnightly direct debit) 

The Junior Lifeguard Club provides opportunities for children to keep interested and active in aquatics, especially quick learners and those caught between levels and programs.

It's a fantastic opportunity to further develop swimming skills at the same time as developing new and challenging lifesaving skills.

This program is an alternative to traditional assessment checklist based programs, where participants learn the skills required for pool lifesaving and is based on personal best achievement. To join the Junior Lifeguard Club it is recommended that you have passed stage 8 as a minimum.

The program is designed for anyone to participate meaning friends can join together, even if they are of different ages or abilities.

The best description of the Junior Lifeguard Club is serious fun! There's a serious purpose behind the program. Kids learn skills that could one day save a life. 

The emphasis is on the following skills:

  • Swimming Skills 
  • Lifesaving Knowledge 
  • Community Education 
  • Fitness Leadership and 
  • Teamwork Competition 
Learn about the different levels and what skills they cover

Our squad swimming program is designed to offer skill development of the four competitive strokes in a fun environment. Children learn starts, turns, drills and skill in a non-competitive environment to enhance their results in school carnivals or lead to future swimming club membership.

  • Mini-Squad – Stingrays (suitable for those attempting Piranha 3)
  • Mini-Squad – Marlins (Stingrays pre-requisite or recommendation required)
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Accelerate your child’s development in the pool during the school holidays.

Our fun filled lessons have a strong focus on learn to swim and water safety, with an emphasis on stroke correction and skill progression.

  • Your choice of 1 or 2 weeks
  • Daily practice leads to faster progress
  • Great value - your child will make more progress in a shorter amount of time
  • Perfect for new swimmers and young children to get comfortable in the water
  • Available every school holidays
  • Great way to keep kids busy and active each day
  • Entry is free for immediate family members. We welcome you to stay and play in the pools after your lessons

Swimming stroke workshops

Swimming stroke workshops are a great way to improve your child's technique which may be holding them back from passing their current level.

Available during the School Holidays, based on expressions of interest.

  • Freestyle
  • Breaststroke
  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly

Freestyle - students must be a minimum level Mako 1 or stage 4 equivalent.

Backstroke - students must be a minimum level Mako 1 or stage 4 equivalent.

Breaststroke - students must be a minimum level Mako 3 or stage 5 equivalent

Butterfly - students must be a minimum level Piranha 2 or stage 8 equivalent.

How to enrol

Easy booking procedure

  • See our customer service team or give us a call on 9550 3600 to book into one of our holiday programs
  • Complete your enrolment form (if you're new to the Recreation Centres)
  • Make your payment, in centre or over the phone
  • Collect your entry fob and welcome bag and you're ready to go


1 week program, 30 minute lessons

2 week program, 30 minute lessons

Workshops, 60 minutes
All enrolments $20

Enquire now - classes are run based on demand

Contact the swim school 

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