The role of the Mayor

The Mayor is the leader of the Council and has a number of roles which are both legislative and functional. The legislative requirements are outlined in Section 2.8 of Local Government Act 1995.

The Act states that the Mayor not only takes precedence at all municipal proceedings within the municipality but must also take the chair at all meetings of the Council at which he or she is present.

The Mayor’s role, however, extends well beyond officiating at council meetings or other municipal proceedings. Additional important roles are providing leadership, promoting positive relationships, and modelling good governance.

Role of Councillor

The role of Councillor, as set out in section 2.10 of the Act is to:

  • represent the interests of electors, ratepayers and residents of the district;
  • provide leadership and guidance to the community in the district;
  • facilitates communication between the community and the Council;
  • participates in the local government’s decision making processes at Council and committee meetings; and
  • performs such other functions as are given to a Councillor by this Act or any other written law.

Wards, Boundaries and Councillor Representation Levels Review

At the Council Meeting 27 September 2022, the City of Mandurah resolved to undertake a review of its Ward system to comply with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act).

Schedule 2.2 of the Act requires local governments with Wards to carry out reviews of their Ward boundaries and the number of Councillors for each Ward from time to time, so that no more than eight years elapse between successive reviews.

Council has developed a Review of Wards, Boundaries and Councillor Representation Levels Discussion Paper which details the current ward system, the review process and possible options is available for the community to provide feedback. 

Please visit the page to review the options proposed and also submit other options for consideration.

Please complete the online poll via or download and complete the survey questions and return to the City of Mandurah:

  • Via email to; or
  • hand delivered to the City of Mandurah Administration Building located at 3 Peel St, Mandurah; or 
  • posted to PO Box 210, Mandurah, WA 6210.

Submissions must be made by 4.30pm Monday 14 November 2022.

Review of Wards, Boundaries and Councillor Representation Levels Discussion Paper

Current City of Mandurah Ward Map

Proposed City of Mandurah Ward Map

Elected members

Mayor Rhys Williams

Mayor Rhys Williams

Mayor Rhys Williams was elected in 2017 as one of the youngest Mayors in West Australian history, and is a passionate advocate for addressing social and economic disadvantage.

At the age of 17, Mayor Williams founded a youth development charity, and over the period of a decade, led a number of initiatives focused on the capacity building of young West Australians. For this work, he was recognised in 2015 as the Young West Australian of the Year.

Mayor Williams’ passion for facilitating community-led solutions to address local social and economic challenges has seen him work with more than 100 communities across Australia, as well as assignments in Cambodia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

In his role as Mayor, Rhys is working with his team to deliver a transformational agenda for the City of Mandurah, with a strong focus on economic diversification, community wellbeing and enhancing community pride and aspiration.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 9550 3714 or 9550 3777


Term of Office: 2021 - 2025

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Cr Bob Pond

Councillor Bob Pond

Qualified in environmental management Cr Pond works in the region, and was elected to Council in October 2021. His priorities lie with good decision-making as well as maintaining and enhancing our waterways and lifestyle.

A Falcon resident for 22 years, Cr Pond raised his family in Mandurah, and has contributed to the community through a decade with junior soccer and over 20 years with the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council.

Operating a successful bed and breakfast in Falcon with his partner, Cr Pond has gained significant knowledge in the effort required to operate a small business.

Councillor Pond is keen to ensure the City continues to govern the community well, ensuring citizens are secure with opportunity, and Mandurah is the best it can possibly be.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 0416 280 094


Term of Office: 2021 - 2025


Cr Jenny Green 

Councillor Jenny Green

Councillor Jenny Green and her family have lived in Dawesville for the past 35 years, and she is aware of the significant growth to the region. Cr Green is a qualified psychologist and has worked in both the government and private sectors. She is a Board Director with Forrest Personnel-Disability

Employment. Cr Green has experience as a Councillor at the City of Busselton, and understands the commitment to be an accountable and approachable Councillor.

She supports projects that will benefit residential, business, and tourism needs and collaborate with initiatives that promote economic growth within the community. Cr Green understands Mandurah's residential community is expanding, which will require strategic planning to provide the necessary infrastructure to make it a vibrant and safe place to live, work, and play. As a ratepayer, she is keen to maintain low rates, so will work toward a responsible council budget.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 0411 789 153


Term of Office: 2019 - 2023


Councillor Candice Di  Prinzio

Councillor Candice Di Prinzio

Councillor Candice Di Prinzio believes Mandurah is ready for change and fresh leadership to represent the people, places and community of Mandurah’s south. She is a Falcon resident who is raising a young family, and for over 16 years she has grown a successful career with her family’s local business.

As Chairperson of community group Shape Mandurah, Cr Di Prinzio has a passion for activating the city and providing residents with a voice. She understands the importance of leadership and bringing people together to combat challenges faced by residents and local businesses.

She believes sensible governance, local engagement and transparency will be key to ensure the community thrives.

Cr Di Prinzio is passionate about creating local jobs, growing the economy, boosting tourism, ensuring community inclusion, activating dull areas (with artwork, family friendly events and activities etc) and protecting the natural environment.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 0439 906 615


Term of Office: 2019 - 2023


Cr Amber Kearns

Councillor Amber Kearns

Since moving to Mandurah with her family in 1993, Cr Kearns has been passionate about serving our community.

Recognised for her contribution as a volunteer as a teenager, Cr Kearns has spent the last 27 years, driven to see positive change for those most marginalised or facing adversity. Cr Kearns’s commitment to our community is evident in her chosen career path, as a Youth Worker, Personal Adviser for Centrelink Mandurah and most recently a School Chaplain at Greenfields Primary School.

Cr Kearns has a sound understanding through lived experience and her professional career, of the multifaceted issues arising from generational trauma, addiction and the poverty cycle.

As a board member of both Greenfields Primary School and John Tonkin College, Cr Kearns continues to work collaboratively with our education community to see positive outcomes for our youth.

Married to a local business owner, Cr Kearns and her family are proud to be actively involved in community philanthropy, as sponsors of many local sports clubs and community initiatives.

Through her role as a Mandurah City Councillor, Cr Kearns is on the Australia Day Awards Selection Panel, Mandurah Matters Steering Group, Reconciliation Action Plan Steering Group, Audit and Risk (Deputy) and the Planning and Community Consultation Committee.

Dedicated to her role as a City Councillor, Cr Kearns applied for and was later awarded the Jacqui Dodd Scholarship in 2022, and is now working towards her completion of WALGA’s Diploma in Local Government.

As a wife, and proud mum of three children, Cr Kearns is committed to supporting families with a focus on community safety. Cr Kearns is driven to empower, equip and motivate the youth of Mandurah to have equal access to opportunity while also having a firm sense of belonging through positive social engagement.

Since being elected in 2021, Cr Kearns has been proactive in supporting intergenerational relationships within our community, with the hope to build greater respect, understanding and tolerance.

Cr Kearns welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively and constructively with the community, offering a respectful and sincere ear to all residents.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 0458 954 402


Term of Office: 2021 - 2025


Cr Daniel Wilkins 

Councillor Daniel Wilkins

An award-winning print photographer, Councillor Wilkins has been proud to call Mandurah home for over 32 years, ever since his father established a small business in the area.

Today, Cr Wilkins has deep connections with the community, having been educated locally, employed here within his first job, and raising his two children in Dudley Park where he lives with his wife.

During his term, Cr Wilkins plans to focus on helping to grow our economy, protect our waterways, improve amenities across the City and enhance playgrounds.

Cr Wilkins plans to prioritise better accessibility around schools, and will focus on strengthening community safety, through improved lighting and additional CCTV in the area.

As a Council representative of the East Ward, Cr Wilkins is committed to ensuring the ward continues to be a focus and allocated necessary funds as the City continues to evolve.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 0418 357 993


Term of Office: 2021 - 2025


Cr Don Pember

Councillor Don Pember

Councillor Don Pember has lived in Mandurah since 1988, and his family includes his partner, two daughters and four grandsons. Recognising the city’s transformation phase, he is a committed Councillor, with the time, passion and understanding to take Mandurah forward.  He has served as Councillor and Deputy Mayor over many years, as Deputy Mayor under former Mayor Keith Holmes between 2003-2005, and as Councillor 2001-2005, 2007-2015 and now 2019-2023.

A retried professional, Cr Don Pember previously led Coolibah Caring, taking the organisation from a struggling aged care facility with 10 staff, to reaching over 150 staff upon his retirement.  He attracted major cash reserves, and progressed a land purchase for future development. His work was recognised with an international award.

His leadership in Mandurah’s healthcare industry includes his involvement in establishing the first Mandurah Hospital upon his arrival to the City in 1988, at which point he was appointment the General Manager of the Murray Mandurah Health Service.  He also partnered with former Mayor Paddi Creevy to commence the first Home and Community Care service in Mandurah

As an East Ward Councillor, he is keen to see residents in the area enjoy a safer place to live, better hospital services, fewer rate increases, and more community facilities such as a skate park for families, plus CCTV.  He strives to achieve more support for local business, to ensure Mandurah’s growth continues, with focus on an active and vibrant CBD.  Formerly a member of the Mandurah Matters Steering Group, Cr Pember would like to see a variety of experiences available for all age groups, along with considerate development of the Yalgorup National Park, with strong environmental protection guidelines in place for an enviable eco-tourism site.  His vision for the City is to ensure all children in Mandurah are given opportunities for more education leading to meaningful and sustainable employment.

Cr Pember is Chair of Peel Health Campus Community Board, and Advisor to Peekaboo Dog Rescue and Welfare.  Representing the City, he serves on the Local Emergency Management Advisory Committee, the Reconciliation Action Plan Steering Group, the Audit and Risk Committee and the Executive Committee.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 0417 986 864


Term of Office: 2019 - 2023

Cr Caroline Knight 

Councillor Caroline Knight, Deputy Mayor

Cr Knight is proud to say that Mandurah has been her family home for the past 24 years where she has raised two beautiful children. A former Medical Scientist and an active member of the community, Cr Knight enjoys the outdoors, art, travel and reading.

Cr Knight’s academic and professional career has laid the ground work for sound decision making, and given her insight into a diverse range of people and their needs.

First elected to Council in 2011, and serving as Deputy since 2017, Cr Knight is committed to working hard for Mandurah and its people. Delivering education and jobs for young people, quality services for seniors and families, and a vibrant city which respects its environmental surrounds.

Cr Knight has spent many years advocating for Mandurah’s environment across numerous organisations. She holds a strong passion for our waterways and natural environment understanding that they are a rich resource which is precious. The long-term sustainability of our region is reliant on conservation and protection of our natural environment.

On behalf of the City, Cr Knight is the Deputy Chair Peron Naturaliste Partnership and is Chair of the Mandurah Environmental Advisory Group.  Cr Knight is also a Deputy Commission or the WA Planning Commission.

As a committed community member Cr Knight is chair of Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, and a board member of Allambee.

Cr Knight is keen to ensure that Council remains receptive to the needs and visions of ratepayers and she works hard to provide that voice.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 0439 843 434


Term of Office: 2019 - 2023


Cr Peter Jackson 

Councillor Peter Jackson

Cr Jackson is a local broadcaster and High School teacher who lives in the North Ward.

With a 37-year career in Media, 17 of those in Mandurah with West Coast Radio (Coast FM and The Wave), and 8 years in local high schools, he has a good understanding of our city. He is married with five children and 5 grandchildren and knows the challenges facing families and young adults in Mandurah.

He is passionate about releasing the potential in people and our region, and has served as Chair of the Mandurah Liquor Advisory, and formerly been an active member of the MAPTO Board, Community Grants Panel, ity of Mandurah Executive committee, and City of Mandurah Planning committee. He is the current chair of both the City of Mandurah Audit and Risk Committee and the Committee of Council.

Cr Jackson is committed to building capacity in the community through sensible and sustainable activities, projects, and policies that support and encourage growth and depth in Mandurah. He values integrity and believes that everyone has something to contribute. He believes in responsible stewardship of our natural environment that considers the needs of current and future residents.

He says “We live in an amazing city that is brimming with potential and is well on-track for a bright and prosperous future. I’m excited and honoured to be a part of it!”

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 0423 142 045


Term of Office: 2021 - 2025


Cr Ahmed Zilani 

Councillor Ahmed Zilani

Low Rates, More Jobs, Less Crime!

Councillor Ahmed H. Zilani has been an Australian citizen since 2002, permanently living in Mandurah with his family since 2010. He believes Mandurah is a magnificent place to live and raise a family with its pristine beaches and nature reserves and is proud to call Mandurah his home.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering with Distinctions in 1991 and was elected student body President of Indiana State University, USA in 1989, being the first non-American to do so. Cr. Zilani has over 20 years of professional business skills and is highly experienced in negotiation, decision making, local and corporate governance, financial management, strategic planning and waste management. He extensively travelled many countries of the world.

Cr. Zilani is available for the community on a full-time basis. He believes the rapidly growing North Ward offers a vibrant, engaged community. His priorities are community safety, action on hoons, encouraging job opportunities, enclosed dog park, footbridge near Lakelands Shopping Centre, and always putting the needs of residents first. He also successfully campaigned for the Lakelands train station, including a hunger strike, which was acknowledged in the Federal Parliament on 21st October 2019.

Cr. Zilani is a strong believer of People Power and that Together we will build a better Mandurah.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 0413 271 173


Term of Office: 2019 - 2023

Cr Ryan Burns

Councillor Ryan Burns

Cr Ryan Burns is honoured to bring his passion, energy and years of professional experience to support local businesses, protect our coastal environment and represent the interests of our community. 

In his role as councillor, Ryan will play an integral part in shaping our city’s future while focusing strongly on the effective and efficient delivery of services to Mandurah residents and businesses.

Mandurah has been Cr Burns’ home for nearly 40 years. He grew up in Mandurah and lives here with his partner, Ange, who runs a small local business.

After working throughout WA and overseas, he has worked locally as an engineer for the past nine years.

Ryan is very active in our community and is dedicated to our local sporting, environmental and community groups.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 0474 286 888


Term of Office: 2021 - 2025


Councillor Dave Schumacher

Councillor Dave Schumacher

Cr Dave Schumacher, a Mandurah resident for 29 years, is well known for his years of dedication to the people of Mandurah serving as a Town Ward City Councillor for the past 12 years, and for his tireless and committed charity work in the areas of Mental Health, Suicide, Homelessness and Domestic Violence. Dave is recognised for his fundraising efforts having personally raised over $300,000 to assist local families and local charities in need.

Cr Schumacher was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2016 and forWA Community Service Award in 2018 in recognition of his on-going contribution to the Mandurah Community. He has held positions on at least 16 Boards/Committees representing the City of Mandurah as well as 17 Charity/Not for Profit Boards and Committees throughout the last 12 years, as part of his own personal commitment to our community.

He is committed to continuing his fight to bring a full University Campus to Mandurah and the Peel Region, as a University will attract industry and business to our region and will ensure that we build a self-sustainable and stable local economy through providing jobs.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Phone: 0412 480 722


Term of Office: 2021 - 2025


Cr Peter Rogers 

Councillor Peter Rogers

Cr Peter Rogers has been an engaged resident of Mandurah for his entire life, and applies an independent, passionate and common sense approach to his duties on Council. He currently works for Curtin University and has degrees in law, international studies and public policy.

Cr Peter Rogers is committed to economic development, healthier communities and environmental protection, and has been active in the local sports and arts communities.

He currently serves on the board of the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre (MPAC) and is a member of the WA Local Government Standards Panel.

He believes the City must address crime and safety, revitalise the city centre, grow tourism opportunities and assist in creating job diversification and youth employment.

Cr Rogers intends to continue serving in your interest with integrity and civility, and delivering results for the economy, our community and the environment.

Address: PO Box 210, Mandurah WA 6210

Mobile: 0419 934 783

Phone: 9550 3777


Term of Office: 2019 - 2023

Ward maps

District map (PDF - 1.8MB)
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Coastal ward (PDF - 2.9MB)
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East ward (PDF - 3.5MB)
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North ward (PDF - 4.2MB)
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Helpful documents

Elected Members Contact List 2021 (PDF - 357.8KB)
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